Thanks for the 100SP delegation @Krnel

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I logged into Steemit today and noticed I had been delegated 100SP - this is a fair bit for a small fish like me 😃. I wondered where it had come from as I havent entered any competitions lately. Logging into my Steemd page I found that the delegation came from @krnel so thanks! I now remember that I didnt enter this competition myself and was nominated with some kind words by @practicalthought


Set a good example because people are watching

This made me realise that people are really watching what you do on Steem, and how you interact with others - what your goals and visions are. This is why I encourage new users to be consistent, work hard and focus on the long term vision of Steem rather than just trying to make a few dollars - think of Steem as a long term investment.

Getting started on Steem is hard work, but I feel I am proof that hard work pays off. There are many different manual curators out there such as @curie and @asapers who have noticed my work and supported me. You may not get noticed straight away, but people are watching. Not only the quality of your posts, but your vision about Steem, the comments you make and interactions you have on Discord. A couple of good question to ask yourself when posting/commenting are:

  • How would other Steemians perceive my content?
  • Am I adding value to the community?


A big part of my time on Steemit revolves around the community - particularly about educating newer users and helping them get started. Im a huge believer in @steembasicincome and have been running weekly contents giving away shares.

What is my plan for using the delegation?

Well it might make my upvote worth a bit more and I plan to keep manually upvoting. I have started readin more posts of new Steemians and think that upvoting them will encourage them to persue Steemit further. Although im on holiday I am still going to aim for a post a day - although it might be every second day!

Thanks again to @krnel for the delegation, and @practicalthought for the nomination it means alot to me.



I love seeing stuff like this, well done :)
It's great to see generosity through our great steem community

😃😎 Yeah i agree - thanks for your support @thevillan keep up the good work!

Well would you look at that! I got a 100 SP Delegation today as well!

I actually entered a competition for that myself, so there isn't as much luster to it than to you, but still, looks like we whatever we are doing, we are doing it right!

Nice! Keep up the good work 😃

Same to you, mate!

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thats so nice.. i've never gotten delegation before

Hopefully one day!

Wow congrats @conradt, this news fills my belly with sweet joy lolz. Am quite happy for you, keep doing what you are doing! Keep steeming!

Thanks for the kind words @dee-y 😄

Congrats @conradt this is encouraging for us all to keep keeping on it a long worthy journey!

Yeah i was surprised and super happy ☺☺

Of course you add value to the community! I always enjoy reading your posts and appreciate your advice.

HOW COOL! Grats, I think you deserve it.
Kudos to @krnel for the delegation.(hands clapping)

It is so cool! 👏👏👏


Thanks ! :)

Thank you for upvoting my post...
I appricate it...

No problems!

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