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RE: Steemit Is A Waste Of Time

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Couldn’t agree more more with the “get rich slow” comment. It really does take someone seeing that long term value to stick around. I get nervous when I tell friends about Steemit and their only questions and comments are about money. Makes me think they will do a couple posts and then lose interest.

I think the difference is that you need to have a “WHY” for posting, and then understand the long term value. There is a lot of opportunity here, but not for those who arent willing to really invest back into the community too.

Great post!


You are very right... the "why" is often what separate the successful from the pack. I have the same problem with friends too. They want to talk about money, but that is what makes this site different. If they don't understand the value of crypto in general, and the long term potential, then it is hard to convince them of the importance of Steem. It'll get there though, I have no doubt.
Thank you so much for reading and the great reply.
I really appreciate it.