Awesome Omar. Thanks so much! Decentraliza everything!!!! Love steemit. Peace.

hahaha see this awesome show from the most dangrous studio acapulco @omar
hahah but whats logic behind its most dangrous?
but nice to hear talk form all of you to talk on crypto, blockchains, bitfinex, eos and specially from you and you talked well on crypto bitcoin cash and bitcoin and all other points,, you always gain my knowledge on crypto and hope i will get more informations and updates on crypto in your blog @omar

well good to see you all genious guys together in this shows and make this show more exellent and excited with happily mood
you have a great talent and ability to talk and also teach better with your talk on all points of crypto and also today your reviews and talk is really exllent like always and i am still waiting for your new and daily updates on whole market
whats your reviews on it that we listen daily new sn fud news taht india ban bitcoin @crypt0?

all of you genious folks together in this shows and make this show more exellent and energized with cheerfully disposition

you have an extraordinary ability and capacity to talk and furthermore show better with your discussion on all purposes of crypto and furthermore today your audits and talk is truly exllent like dependably and I am as yet sitting tight for your new and day by day reports on entire market

whats your surveys on it that we listen every day new sn fud news taht india boycott bitcoin @crypt0?

Thank's for sharing the video with us,it's very cool to discuss about some very important topics.@upvoted and resteemed

Nice video bro @crypt0

Beautiful video....dear @crypt0 your good post...
i like your all post...
I look forward to every one of your #post..thank you so very much for #sharing..

Looking forward to that crisp studio audio soon brother! haha

DASH has a great future. I have already invested. :)

Thanks for the crypto-news...carry on..i appreciate you...

what a nice video....i am still watching it.... i like it and hope everyone will like your post....

Very nice post sir. Restemeed and upvote👍👍

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Funds will be sent to Bittrex and sold for USDT. This is just so we know that we have $ 10k no matter what.

important something like this might help a lot

I wish we will have more conferences in Mid Europe :(. But great video. Thank you