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RE: Magic Dice v1.6 - Leaderboard - Over 120k STEEM in Rewards

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Thanks Magicdice, ever thought of discluding bots from your leaderboard? It's a little unfair that a computer script can win magic as oppose to a human. Those bots will run regardless of your leaderboard ranking. I understand that money is on the line here, but we are all humans. Edit resteemed!


Magic Dice is a dapp and you can play how you want, with a bot or in person. We can't distinguish between bots and human. Just like you can't distinguish if a user on Steem is a bot/human/dog :)

You can get on the leaderboard just as easily as a human. There would be only a slight advantage if you want to rank in the top spots with multiple accounts. You can do that as a human player as well.
The rewards for the leaderboard are setup in a way that the most tokens are distributed to the top 5 spots.
If some player decides to use multiple accounts to rank in the top spots, then he has generated the most volume and has earned those tokens.

Hello @kim0412

You requested your Magic Dice details.

You were referred to Magic Dice by None and have 4 referrals.
You are currently delegating 0 Steem Power.

You have placed 14,628 bets with a 44.29% win rate.

You have wagered 7,454.846000 STEEM and 415.902000 SBD.
You have won 7,759.623000 STEEM and 382.672000 SBD.
Your profit is 304.777000 STEEM and -33.230000 SBD.

You received 21.823956 STEEM and 0.996682 SBD in referral bonuses.
You received 14.109979 STEEM and 0.069079 SBD in dividends.

You have acquired 223,504.772938 Magic Tokens.
Your spent per 1M Magic Tokens: -1,363.627000 STEEM and 148.678000 SBD.

"Just like you can't distinguish if a user on Steem is a bot/human/dog :)"
Or a cat. Or a monkey/ape. Or an alien. :D
You can never know. :D

Thanks for the response, but you forgot to mention cat😸

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Bots are great for magic token holders.

yes but the bots just farming the tokens. Dont worry if there is no more to farm they will be gone😉

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Bot's betting is valid and MD would be more than welcome for such bets.

I agree it's valid to mine and win, it's just not really making sense to include them on a leaderboard with humans. The only way to compete is with another bot. Is it a leaderboard for bots or for humans? Also they are talking about fairness.

The problem it, there is no way to tell whether the bet is come from real human or bot. Even if you can, the house has zero reason to block such automated betting since the volume is all they wanted.

They obviously know who the bots are. Markymark said his bots were betting every single block non stop all day in a common pattern. It's like allowing a guy on a Kawasaki Ninja to compete in a marathon against human runners

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Totally agree. It'll be the same handful of accounts at the top spots everyday... what's the point of that??? They're already earning lots of tokens from their volume already.