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RE: How to see your future curation rewards - and how see how profitable your vote was. - Was it worth voting?

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Did you also realize that the curation could become higher in both cases?

For @miti since there could be more upvotes after you calculated his expected curation reward.

The same goes also for your coming curation rewards, which are now 28.7. Laat week you received 35. Most likely the 28.7 will increase some more for all the upvotes you still have to receive.


You are correct. Every vote after yours increases the payout for those who went before. Therefore the amounts people like @miti will get could go up.

I should correct both you and @swissclive. The payout is also subjected to variations in the price of Steem until seventh day after the post was authored.. so theoretically, theoretically, it might even go down.

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Indeed you are right. I should have mentioned this but forgot.

You are right about that. At first I thought you were not. Because I think the curation amount in SP will always remain the same (or increase in case of more upvotes). But in this post the curation reward is shown as $0.080. So indeed this $ value will go up and down depending on the Steem price.

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