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I feel like the persistent decline in Steem's price has quieted things down on Steemit. Friends seem to be posting and commenting less (at least in my circle but there is no scientific research behind this).

This is just a quick post to say that I still believe in Steemit and that I am going to make concrete plans to increase my involvement! (mine has been lacking a bit lately too...)

Consequently, I've transferred and powered up an additional 500 steem today! Going forward, my goal is 2 post 2-3 times per week on this account and to make atleast 3 comments per day!

What do you think? How do you feel about Steemit these days?

Here is a little motivation for us all!



Great decision to invest more time and money in Steemit! I think your goals are great! I will also try to increase my involvement. I think you are right that things have quieted down a little. I'm sure it will prove to be only temporary. I still see a bright future for Steemit.

If we all keep each other accountable, then it will help push Steemit towards that bright future!

My involvement on Steemit has also been lacking. I will try to post more as well. Thanks for the motivation.

Anytime - good luck!

Congratulations on powering up more Steem!


The lull has just cleaned out a lot of fly by night posters. Now is the time to post while things are quiet and reward pool has less posts to split the pool across.

Oh, this is a great point... I'll need to do another one tonight after work!

Good for you that you were able to invest some steem in Steemit. I do believe that steem has to have future investors to raise it's price.

I post two times a day and comment as possible as I can because just like what you said, many have left and it quieted a lot of steemians. This is now like a new beginning trying to grow a new following.

Cheers for future investments!

Yeah, we need to get all of our friends on Steemit so that it keeps growing!

Nice to hear you powered up! :)
How do I feel about the blockchain? I still love it and certain people keep me here.

Agreed - I still think blockchain has lots of potential!