Everything You Need To Thrive Fast With Steemit

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The Steemit community is helpful, constructive and supportive. If you are seeking to work with positive and intelligent people who are creating something consequential for the future, then Steemit is for you. Nonetheless, if you are after a short-term payoff with little effort that you slap together with low-quality content, thus, thriving on this platform might be difficult. That is because; you will get frustrated after being ignored and downvoted. Most likely, your reputation will not go up and will probably decline. You will also not earn any good amount of money. However, as explained in the videos below, all the needs to thrive in Steemit are within your reach.

Steemit provides significant amounts of rewards to those with a long standing perspective. Besides, there are opportunities for developers to create apps on the Steem blockchain easily. Some further interest notes include:

  • If Steem gets to the size of bitcoin, the curation and content formation would reach USD 1.75 million on a daily basis, as per the Steem white paper.
  • The most well-liked content runs away with the biggest rewards. This is by design and works the same as lottery or casino to incentivize people to put their optimum effort into this community.
  • The quantity of curation and content rewards doesn’t change over time in absolute terms.

The Steem system has several moving parts. So, it’s good to know where to get the head start. You just need to familiarize with the community and apply the tips that can work for you. The Steem system is quickly evolving to better the goals of its developers and the needs of its users.



How will steemit be able to change the world...

We or I that is correct, live in Norway, one of the countries that have one of the lowest earnings on Steemit compared to the yearly income of our "normal" work. If we compare with Cuba, I have been told that a average daily payment is about 1 usd. In Spain the average hourly payment if your work in the restaurant business is about 3 €. The same work in Norway will pay you about 18€. So if we compare the earnings on a similar income base you will see that the income of where you live will mater for how good your income will be. So if I write a good post or a good comment and get 5SBD out of it, I will be happy. But I belive that if one person that live i.e in Cuba or another country with much lover living costs or lower income. This person will be ecstatic.
This is one of the reasons for why I love Steemit. It does not mather where you live or who you are. If you write good posts and comments you will get noticed and paid. It might take you longer time to build up if you don't have a reputation but you will have the same possibility as all the others. You can share your ideas, share your joy, share your sadness, yes you can do whatever you like. If others like or love it, they will give you a comment and a upvote. You can learn from your and others experience and you can educate yourself. It is all up to YOU.

So go out, change the world by being a good Steemian and take part of the evolution. It is you that matters if you want it to be.


@everydaycoach True. Let become good Steemians, take part in the evolution and change the world.

you are getting more payout with less votes than the author.. wow! .. but still many votes! Steemit is truly lovely misterious!

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I was sold on Steemit but something just doesn't seem right upvotes are Influenced with money

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You just inspired me again. My problem with Steemit is that you don't earn much if you don't have large Steemit power. So the ordinary man may not benefit even if he post good content. I truly love Steemit but this is my challenge

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This platform is definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme. I admit I fell into that trap of fantasizing about financial stability way out of my reach for a brief moment. I've stopped deluding myself into making that a driving motivation. But if you enjoy writing and blogging and you want to find like-minded people, it doesn't hurt to see a few dollars come your way for it. :)

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