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RE: Can We Change The UI to Display Rewards in USD?

in #steemit3 years ago

Now, my guess is some devs are going to point out that this isn't as trivial as it sounds because in order to do that they'll need to rewrite the source code of the blockchain and reboot the internet and build a flux capacitor etc.

^^This :-D

It is confusing, perhaps an easier code change would be to come up with an SBD logo rather than using the $ sign. Although maybe that doesn't achieve the goals you set out above, but still, people are catching onto this crypto lark so when they see it, they may ask; ooh I wonder how much that one is worth?

Anyways, once the madness stops SBD will go back down to a dollar and it won't matter anymore (I think).



yes, but I think it's a missed opportunity if most people who aren't familiar with the system think it's only payout about 20% of what it's actually paying

and arguably our rewards are our biggest attraction, so we should really try to advertise the full extent of it when possible

irrespective of whether it's steem or sbd that gets an increase in value, it's surely very real value produced by the steem ecosystem, which in term will attract more users if it's correctly displayed