Why I am getting just half payments..???

Hello everybody I dont know If somebody have the same problem. Dont know where to wrigth but more then week I see just half of payment what I should get. Can someone help me, or does someone else have the same problems.?

In Pic.1 you see payment from 1 hour. I as author should get 5+ dollars but I get just 3 dollars. I second pic you see how much in steem I get.

Screenshot 2020-01-04 at 19.28.16.png

Screenshot 2020-01-04 at 19.28.22.png


I think you should learn about steem and how it works. That earning is devided between creators and curators. 50/50 That's how steem work.

I know how steem works. Did you read my post. I like author shoul get 5.58$ but I get just 3.5$ (5.58$ it should be 50% but I didnt recieve them) I just wanna some clarity.. (normal one) I am trying bring people here but when they ask me about this think..... I dont even know answer. Please read post and check pics aswell. Thx

I also don't understand all the details. Maybe @gtg will explain to you.

Podívej se na steemworld.org, třeba tam zjistíš víc.

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