TeamNZ Bot Update v1.0.7 - New Members, New Features

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In this Update: The Kiwibot gains fresh features as our Kiwi community grows an so does its workload.


Hello Kiwis,

I want to give you an update on what I've been doing behind the scenes. In my down time I have been busy crafting a different kind bot that helps facilitate the very awesome Interactive Battle Tournament on STEEM who goes by the name @schopenhauer.

If you are interested in earning some STEEM whilst playing a game and having good fun please check out the Interactive Battle Tournament. It is created by our fellow Aussie @lordnigel.

If you want to learn a little about the mechanics of Schopenhauer you can read here.

However.... that does not mean I have forgotten our lovely Kiwibot! In fact, just a few hours ago we have moved to a new version update v1.07

Let's have a look at what has happened since the last update!

Spam Prevention

If you haven't heard about it: As soon as our Bot got some of that sweet SP (Thank you delegators) it took only a short while for spammers to find it and start abusing it. Sooner than I could have anticipated, I had to fix the issue with a whitelist to prevent the VP draining on....well rubbish.

Source: Giphy

The good news is that so far the whitelist has worked perfectly and not only that - since the monetary incentive has been removed for spammers, the teamnz tag got cleaned up too. Money works, doesn't it?

New Members

Since the implementation I have manually added quite a few members to the white list like @imjustsaying, @conradt, @kiwioz, @melissakellie (and many more). Yay, we are growing! 💪 Say hello to our fellow Kiwis and go check out what they blog about!

If you want to be added to the list please find me on Discord! (cryptonik#4892). Please use #teamnz as one of your tags to summon the bot

It may take me a 1-2 days, but rest assured your username will be added - all Kiwis are welcome here!


I doubt you guys noticed it but 6 days ago we had a downtime window of about 2 hours. I just too the bot offline because I wrote a new patch and was ready to deploy the update - and it failed.

My CI module told me it was outdated, my code was not builing and the deployment interface froze. Arghh, a developers nightmare unfolded! Everything went nuts at the same time. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Source: Giphy

After some nerve-wrenching 1,5 hours I found out that the issue was actually on my server since the company was performing maintenance at the time.

Source: Giphy

What are the odds of me updating exactly during their maintenance window?


Source: Pixabay

We were able to achieve Max Vote Strength of $0.35 Vote at 100%. Unfortunately, this was short lived and in the slightly bearish phase we are now the Max Vote sits at around $0.21 even though we have more delegated SP than ever before. In the last 3 weeks we went from a 5 calls per day to 9 calls per day on average.

Almost double! How awesome is that? New Kiwis and more active Kiwis! It is a joy to observe!

And have you seen the #teamnz category recently? Safe to say Kiwis are killin it!

New Features

Since the bot is now being used more I though it was time to make things a bit more fun. So I've built in a random number generator that will now cycle through comments on upvote. You head that right - get ready for 10 different versions of sheep and goats visiting your blog from now on.

Source: Giphy

Hope it puts a smile on your face like it does on mine ;D


At this point a big thank you to @ausbitbank, @devi1714, @jackmiller and @kiwiscanfly for delegating SP to the bot. Also a big thanks to @ravenruis and @devi1714 for following the curation trail. You guys are awesome!

Additionaly, I would like to thank @ravenruis for putting a lot of work in the weekly curation and member introduction posts.

You can help support TeamNZ!

You can delegate some SP and give the Kiwi community some love ❤️

The easiest way to do this is to construct a URL with Steemconnect and then paste it into your browser! This is the correct format:

Change the USENAMES and SP Values! Here is an example of how I would do this:

You can also follow the curation trail instead of delegating

Following a curation trail means that you will follow the bot and copy his votes. Every time he votes, you will vote too.

We have setup a curation trail on Steemauto. On steemauto you can also set the percentage of your vote weight, and set the limit on how far your voting power can be depleted.

Make an account on and follow @teamnz!

Here is the direct link:

I hope we can get some more support and spread some love among the Kiwis on Steemit :)

Join Us On Discord

If you haven't already, please join us on the South Pacific (AUS/NZ) Community server on Discord.

Click Image To Join

discord link

We are excited to meet you and learn more about you!


A bot update, you say? Cycling bot pics, you say?

we're so excited, and can't wait to enjoy the upgrades ...

and to @cryptonik, for all the effort he puts in behind the scenes ...
so much!!!

haha is that water .... or vodka disguised as water? :D

Hmm... There're a lot of goats and sheep in this comments section.

Sounds like you guys are doing well though. Good work.

Why, thank you @choogirl ! If you take a look at the recent comments the @teamnz bot made I'm sure you'll be smiling :)

This is a curation bot for TeamNZ. Please join our AUS/NZ community on Discord.
For any inquiries/issues about the bot please contact @cryptonik.

Oh yes, I'm not teamnz but the thought of 10 different sheep and goats visiting my blog makes me wish I was!

Haha, you have good taste sir ;)

Too right, I love a good roast lamb!

Lol, is that one on your bot rotation?

Good point, I think we'll include gif's in the next round...:P

You should add this or something similar.

The words are. All we, like sheep.

But it always comes out

oh, we like sheep...

Great work man!
Is any chance your project is open source?

Hello @superoo7. It's nice to meet again in the comment section. I'm a big supporter of everything Open Source, however I do not feel like opening the code at least at the moment. The problem is that the same code can be abused in far more ways than it can be used for good, by spammers. You are welcome to hit me up in the Discord and we can chat about stuff and I can help you with code?

PS: Nice telegram tutorials btw!

Great work @cryptonik @teamnz Your efforts are much appreciated.

Thank you <3

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