Dear Diary: Today I had taken the medicine that I was needing for 15 years

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There's my window to the world wide web. My tablet perched on an LED monitor

It was done. The medicine that I should have taken for about 15 years already is now doing its job in controlling my condition of overactive parathyroid and now I may enjoy its dramatic effects of curing my bone and joint pains which is all over my body and maybe making me restore my normal strength again which through the years just goes down until I can no longer even lift.

I do not know what it will do for my Leontiasis condition as the doctor is not telling me anything but I presume that it will get halted on its progression and I will at least not suffer much misery and inconvenience of the disabilities of disfigurement, speech disability, and disability of eating normally.

I must tell you that all the disabilities that I stated gives me a hard time living my life. The speech disability for example enrages me in frustration when the person whom I am talking to cannot understood what I am trying to convey. Then my way of eating too is a big deal indeed because I now cannot do social eating with relatives and family as I can only eat in a horizontal position.

And the pain that I always mentioning, the joints on my feet are painful to walk with and then the ultimate pain that I can never resist which was my back. Right now when I am travelling to the hospital, I just lay there on the seat because the bumps on the road hurts me. I don't think most people will not understand my situation but only those who had the heart to even notice and care.

Today as my mother went to the drugstore, the brand that the doctor prescribed was not available which was "Sensipa" and the only available is "Calcipar" of the Cinacalcet generic name. So the drugstore told my mother to tell my doctor that it was so. And so my mother had to scoot back to the clinic to get it fixed.


My receipt showing the 20% disability discount and the 12% Tax discount

My mother got back with the corrected brand name and she was able to purchase my medicine in my behalf. It was worth $3.31 each and I have to take two of it everyday one in the morning and one in the evening.

This makes me happy because I wouldn't get the chance to get a treatment without the #steemit support, it's just like a dream and I am in a cloud nine of joy, as rain of hope is showering unto parched and deprived medical needs. The help that I am getting makes me want to jump for joy and sing praises to God and I am praying that may God bless more the community because of the empowering it does for all its members and I am the living proof to that. God help me and God bless our steemit family.


Feeling really sad to see you in this condition.... hope you get well soon...lots of love and prayers

get well soon..

@robertsekhose u r looking a good guy who prays for others.

We all should pray for others...:)

I hope that you feel somehow butter after taken your medicals , I'm really gonna pray for you from my heart that god give a new health and don't forget to be always positive happy ... don't give up for anything can take your happiness and your good life . be sure if think in positive way you will get a positive results and the oposit is correct .
finally take care ;) and peace :)

Hey there, friend! I'm so sorry such a beautiful person like you has to go through this. You are a fighter and brave as hell. An "honest to God real" inspiration to me like you wouldn't believe.

Wishing you all the best on getting better and beating the condition once and for all. I'm also so glad Steemit can contribute and help out a little in your time of need. This is a selfless community and it certainly shows.

Bless you, my bro. Stay the warrior that you are. I pray everything will be alright.

Thank you for all your support @ezzy
I am really positive about all these and it makes a positive effect on my life with @steemit support and the mercy of God I think I will get OK as days go by.
God Bless you Sir.

Glad to hear you're doing better and getting the medications you need. You're a really strong and brave person especially with your condition. May God help you and look for you and give you strength to keep fighting. Take care friend and much love. Cheers

Wow, just said a prayer for you. I really wish you quick recovery and am glad you've finally had the drug. All the best.

Your prayers are answered @gabrielinnocent
Thank you from my heart.

Amen. You welcome. Am a newbie on steemit, I like you to checkout my introduction post at this link thanks a lot

Prayers and lots of love to you sweetpie:)
Kapit lng, wag susuko wag bibitiw!
God bless you.

Thank you ate @sunnylife for all your love and support.
Your prayers are being heard by God Almighty.
May God Bless you and Keep you and his face shine upon you.

I'm curious (and hope) to see if this medication works. I was never prescribed sensipar, but I know about it. Our provincial and most private drug plans here don't cover it. I hope you notice a difference in your pain with it first and foremost.

It supposedly will control the parathyroid @lizzyib
This medicine as I see it is very very expensive in Canada.
But this one that I am using is imported from India which makes it more affordable but still expensive too.

More strength and better health to you my friend.

Thank you @oluwatobiloba
I dearly appreciate all your rayers and support.
God bless you and keep you.

amen and you too my friend

May God bless & help you ...
we are sorry for that :(
keep praying is first aid solution

God bless you and the help that is coming your way. Prayer does wondrous things and you are so deserving.

prayers sis at hwag mawawalan ng pag asa

Great news that you're getting the medicine you need, @cryptopie! We're here for you; just look through that window onto the world and say 'hello!'

Cheers to you and hope you're feeling a bit better today!

Prayers and many blessings to you. Very happy you've gotten your medicine.

My small amount of upvote may not help you a little mate but atleast I am here following you and always supporting your everyday diary. Yes indeed you are the living proof of that I really agree with it. Godbless you mate. I hope for your very fast recovery.

Don't worry about your upvote @jaderpogi we all have to start somewhere.
I appreciate all your support and I thank you with all my heart.

I am so glad that you appreciate mine mate. I really hope all those suffering that you encounter now will be soon a happy moments in your life in the future when you are already cured.

Happy to read a good news from you. I wish more people would be able to reach you and lend a helping hand. Always praying for the betterment of your condition. Godbless you Kabayan ❤

Although this is better I do prefer surgery because I will not take this expensive medicine after if not lessenes medicines to take @enjieneer
Thank you for support God Bless and keep you.

so nice to hear someone so positive!

Its good to hear Good news for a change, We are praying for you my Friend !

Thank you Sir @woodywood143
God Bless you and keep you.

Keep on fighting and hold still @cryptopie. Never give up son and get well soon. I wish to hear many more good news to come. Stay strong.

Thank you for all your support and encouraging words @cloudspyder
I am trying to fight because the steemit community is behind me.
Your love just makes me to keep on fighting, it elates my spirit and gives me strength to push through.
God Bless you @cloudspyder

A lot of prayers for you @cryptopie
You are blessed by Almighty GOD

You can do it man! Fight, you will prevail in the end.

Really nice you got your treatment! Hopefully it works long therm and it will heal you permanently! Also get healthy food without pesticides on the groceries! Food can heal you also and keep you healthy! Hopefully you get enough money to pay your bills with the help of Steemit!

@cryptopie Happy to see a good news from your side. Always praying for the betterment of your condition. God bless you forever.

I am very sad for what happened to you, but I ask God to heal you. You must pray, pray, be patient and fight until the end. I am in solidarity with you and my friend will heal and come back as you are

I am SO happy for you, this is such great news!! I hope the medication will help slow the progression of your Leontiasis and that soon you'll figure out the next steps in your treatment toward recovery.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you. I hope everything goes well for you.

I am relieved you got the medication you needed! Steemit is marvelous for creating a vector for non-zero sum charity.

May God be with you

Dear @cryptopie
I am so happy to read that you got the meds that you need! You communicate so well in English!
Really, it doesnt cost anything to upvote your posts and I am glad people on steemit are supporting you.
Enjoy the pain-free times; I know you will!
I'm really so happy for you. And so glad you let us know!

Prayers from my side too, you are a strong person and I need to follow some strong people on steemit.

you will see that everything will go well and improve. God bless you and strength .... thank you for sharing your life with us ... I will follow you every day and share your publications. Success. Sincerely @tecnovida

God bless you, @cryptopie. I am glad that Steemit is helping you with your medical expenses. It truly is a Godsend. You've inspired me to share your story with my loved ones who need extra support as well. Thank you for being here.

upvoted! I wish you all the best!!!

Carry on fighting @cryptopie ! How wonderful that you are getting the treatment you need thanks to steemit. I hope that you will find a lot of relief with the medicine and that you won't be hurting anymore. I wish you all the strength to carry on on your journey to recovery!

You are already a player on Steemit and a winner in life. Keep Inspiring

We read during our college life about hyperparathyroidism. The symptoms in one sentence is "bones, stones, abdominal groans and psychic moan". Bone means severe bone pain along with muscle pain. Renal stones. Severe abdominal pain due to gastric ulcer or renal stone. Ultimately affect mental process.
Hope that your condition will improve eventually.

@cryptopie - great post! This is my first ever time on steemit and yours was the first post I saw :) Glad that I did!
|Good luck with the medicine - your mother is doing an awesome job. I wish you and your family the very best!
Thanks for making the first post I saw on Steemit a very worthwhile and uplifting one!
Be well!!

God Bless!

I am glad that you are getting all the medicine you need. You are in our prayers and I hope that someday soon you will get better and start living a normal life.

Your story is reaching hundreds of people around the world and everyone is eager to help you.

god bless you and your family. live long you and steemit

Be positive as always @cryptopie. Be strong. Keep the faith. You are blessed. We are praying for you.

Nice post 👍
Thanks for sharing, Hopefully quickly given the healing and hopefully many who provide funds for healing ✌

God bless you.

Great that you got the medicine! Keep strong!

I am so happy for you!!! I am glad every thing is looking up for you!

Thank you Sir @zeartul
You also support me and I am grateful for it all
God Bless and Keep you.

Glad to hear that you finally got the medicine you needed @cryptopie. Stay strong, man!

Thank you @irreverent-dan for your support
God Bless you.

Get better, less pain, God bless you!

Thank you @kalemandra
I am hoping for a relief soon.

Happy to 100% vote you and i am super happy you are receiving the help you need. An up vote costs nothing but means so much and i hope every single person on this site realizes that and helps out. Good luck on your new path dude and stay positive :)

Thank you Sir @b0y2k for the support and I truly appreciate it all.
I am trying to keep a positive mental outlook all the time despite the hardships but things will get better soon I know.
God Bless you.

Dear @cryptopie,

I have not been very active these past few days and suddenly remembered you... i am glad that you finally got the medication required and I hope that you're feeling a lot better now.

God bless,

Hi @arrliinn
Hopefully the medicine will kick in and will control my parathyroid so I can get my pains alleviated soon.
Thank you for all your support God Bless you.

crytopie, I am praying for you and I am expecting much healing to come your way over the coming days!
There is a program called Sono Flex and a free version called Sono Flex Lite. This app can be put on your tablet and it allows you to converse easier using symbols and it produces spoken words. It can be setup easily for your needs. You may already have a program like this, and I hope you do.
My grandson has a rare syndrome that prevents him from understanding fully how to use this program, but he is progressing. Check it out on the App store.
God Bless!!

Thank you for that @steemengine1 you are very helpful and sweet
God Bless you and keep you.

upvoted! I wish you all the best!!! :)

youre amazing i hope to see you one day. posting another blog that your already okay. you're strong man @cryptopie you are a motivation. even you can lift now. seeing you are fighting in your condition makes me more amazed.. win the fight i know you can. you are strong :)


How many times must I tell you? YOU ARE NOT A HUMAN BEING!

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Hoping you feel better very soon. Sorry to hear of all your suffering, but I am glad you have found some help and are on the road to recovery as best you can. Keep the faith my friend you are doing good! Many folks would have given up hope but you have kept going and because of that you now have some help and more reason for hope. Wishing you the best possible outcome.

I hope that the new medicine gives you some relief from your pain! I have a parathyroid/thyroid condition which affects my life only slightly because I have access to the medicines I need and I am so grateful for that. You have reminded me that I should be grateful every day for my country's healthcare. God bless you and your family

I am just lucky to have some support from steemit as it helps me greatly now @beautifulbullies
I appreciate also your support God Bless you.

Hey Arnold it's nice to see your Post up on the Trending Page ! I think your going to get a lot more Steemians behind you ! See you tomorrow on your blog.

Yes Sir @woodywood143 I had seen it and I am unspeakably joyful in my heart to know that the #steemit community cares and loves me even though I am an uninteresting kind of a member here. I just pray to God that he Bless the steemit community because it does what he wants like a brotherly love beyond and caring for one another.

I had to. Sending you much Love.

Get well soon kabayan. Hopefully more help comes in. Just be stong. God will make a way, just believe. 💜

Thank you @robiney for all your support.
God Bless you.

Really that is sad. We all want that you will cure soon

I hope the medicine alleviates and diminishes the pain you were feeling before you got on it. I'm glad through steemit you've found the support necessary to get medical treatment.

Isn't that lovely? A community that noticed and cared. You are brave and strong for documenting this painful experience for us.

God is with you. The Steemit family is wishing you well. Take care of yourself. Thank you for being with us. Thank you for sharing your journey. We hope you can bring back strength to your bones again too and you no longer feel it weaken year after year.

Yes! Hope is raining on you, friend. May is smother you and bring a smile upon your face.

Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement @camposmusing
God Bless you.

Omg, this made my tears fall on my face. I am also glad to hear Steemit is one of the ways to put you a lil smile. Accept my sincere virtual loving vibes and praying for you deeply. Stay strong @@@cryptopie !

my prayers of healing, In the
name of Jesus Christ ,By the
Power of his Glory and Authority Be healed..

Jehovah bless you and heal you in Jesus' name amen

to God all the glory

In the Name of Jesus Christ Be healed..

God bless!

tip! please @tipu!

good luck ! god bless you and don't forget : never give up !
take care

Feel good, I pray for you

I hope that you feel somehow butter after taken your medicals

Upvoted! I hope the medication will alleviate your condition soon!

Get well soon...God bless you 😇

i hope you will be vote me and follow me now i will complete

Really nice to know those good news. God is good all the time. :D

i have voted and followed you so i can remember to keep you in my prayers. it is so incredible that this community has allowed you to get the help you deserve. this is the second time TODAY that i have seen steemit do something really good for someone! GOD bless you, richard.

You are a brave man to endure all these pains and difficulties. May you heal fully and enjoy your life as a human should.

Prayers and love sent your way..
I hope this medicine helps so much...God bless you and your family :) :)

You will get through this CHAMP! be strong and keep that will alive and sparkling! Wish you a full and satisfactory recovery from the bottom of my heart and soul. Hopefully We'll see a post from you where you'll be Strong And Healthy. Greetings from Venezuela!

god bless u
don;t tensed because we are all people stay with u and having fun all the time

Aww. I pray that God will continue to bless you with a healthier body. Good thing is you didn't give up.

Hello, I love your way of seeing life, but I think that positive you are full of Faith, that if today you breathe is because there is a purpose to fulfill, I want you to have health and to prosper in everything, just as I know it is going to to prosper your soul, with all my heart I declare over you the length of years, and divine healing touch your body, never forget that nothing is impossible with God.

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Prayers for you from top of the world ! Get well soon dear @cryptopie !

I know what you're going through, although not the same illness or issues with body. I've been battling with my own health problems for a long time and winning even this victory is quite considered a feet. Treasure this moment, I hope you find the will to endure for a greater life in the future.

My prayer for you is from my every inside.May God divinely heal you.

I'm sending positive vibes to you <3

Brother @crptopie may God bless and keep you always. Alofa atu(love from) Auckland. New Zealand

There are people who always complain about problems in life and complain about everything. But here you are full of hope and resilience thankful of all the blessings. I'm teary eyed. Prayers and support my friend never give up.

You are a blessed child and you are born to be great so do not let your condition today to spoil your connection with your God.

God has healed you dear, he will help you can give you all the strength you need......i loveyou

I always believe that after bad times only good times comes.
God should give you better health and happiness.
Hope you feel better now.

I am filled with happiness for you. You always put a smile on my face when I can read your progress. I'm so glad things are on the up and up. Cheers to you cryptopie.

Wish you a speedy recovery, @cryptopie. God bless you my friend.

Congratulations beauty! I will pray for you. God bless you <3

I'm sorry for your hardship in life, unlucky about your own health. However you have a loving family supporting you and giving a chance in this life. Also it's really awesome steemit can improve your quality of life, by supporting you financially. I thought I had it hard sometimes, but then you see people like in your shape and my mind tells me, why you bitch? There are people out there who fight to be alive everyday. Keep on fighting.

This is truly motivating at a great extend . Glad I found you . I was having a bad day today but this made me feel good.. Bless you May you get your normal strength back as soon as possible..
Also, I am in more love with steemit <3

Ipray for your fast healing.

May God be with you....@cryptopie

You are in our prayers @cryptopie ...we will mention you in our prayer meeting at our church on Friday night. God bless you our Jehovah Rapha will heal you!

I pray for your fast recovery @cryptopie, stay strong and Godspeed. We are here for you. God bless you and your family.