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RE: The Most important Thing in the Current Situation, Embracing and Tolerance

in #steemit7 months ago (edited)

We needed to resolve these issues once and for all @slowwalker and it gives an additional burden of worry to me because I only count on steem for my own needs. I do not want to see my digital family's house to burn down.

I just want us all to live harmoniously but both parties from Tron and Steem are not agreeing because of some complications on the matter like security of the blockchain, somebody's stake, technicalities, impossible to give demand and requests, and most especially trust.


Every thing in the world could be solved IMO, don't worry, friend.
They are not foolish.

Yes, still hoping for the best for steem community.

Post is very interesting with different opinion from general steemians. Great, we require steemians like you at steemit. Here most of the people don't want to understand other point of view.

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