more than 500,000 steemit accounts / mehr als 500.000 steemit Accounts

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The number of steemit accounts continues to grow strongly. Today we reached the 500,000 mark .
Die Anzahl der Steemitkonten wächst weiter stark an. Heute haben wir die 500.000 Marke erreicht.


blue: number of accounts
red: new accounts per day
blau: Gesamtanzahl der steemit Accounts
rot: neue Accounts pro Tag

I’m one of the new ones. I don’t really know how to be an successful Steemian, but I’m working on it! Just a guy with an IPhone...

I'm even newer than you. I guess you just need to keep posting and following and witnessing and ....... I really don't know what I am talking about. But I feel good about it.

Yes, more text and more information seem to be called a quality post! I'm working on it...

Brand new too! Really love the content on Steemit already though. Seems to be a more educated crowd discussing real ideas with a focus on decentralization and technology. Can't wait to get more involved and invested.

I think the secret is a content, right?) but I don't know I'm even more newer

every one is right the most important here is content, i am a newbie too but i would suggest focusing on content must be the first priority for every new steemian.

How are you guys doing so far? Today is my first day.

the same i would suggest. i am also a newbie here tell now i have theory of it and haven't post yet.

same here man just keep posting but not too sure what you are talking about haha but still feel good about it

Yea i am the same.
How is it now ?

Thats how i started

ThankYou! I´m new too :-)
BUILD STEEM TOGETHER and merry Christmas.

Let do that

same to u

Hey! and welcome! :D I'm new too. I just joined today. I like your photos! Keep up the great work ;)

Welcome to Steemit, I see that you’re a drawer 👍

I wrote a book for kids. I need an illustrator for hand signs ASL (american sign language ) let me know. [email protected]

Thanks. It is from google images.

I am with you. Just trying to figure out what this is.

pretty freaken cool, thats what it is

i m also new trying to understand cryptocurrency . hi everyone ..

I'm just following what they say at the big cryptocurrency channels, seems to work pretty good. (crypt0, dollar vigilante)

Im new to the community as well...started like yesterday im hoping to meet new people and learn more essentialy about steem and other cryptocurrencies😁 i wanna start a channel on dtube as well but give me some time .

@tandglese I'm in the same boat; I just joined a few days ago. Do you have got a better grasp on Steem; if so, any suggestions a new adopter of the platform?

Not really. Colorful pictures always grab attention!!! Try to take beautiful ore interesting photos...

Is there anyone who knows if digital token we are earning is real now? or is it beta version that they are doing just an experiment?? I am even newer one ;)

i am also new Steemian and hope for the best to become successful. best wishes for you as well

Thank you!

I am the newest fellow in the pool.
I am learning from all this.

howdy friend, I am also new on this platform But don't know how to become successful.

Wow, that's incredible! I'm new so wish me luck as the small fish in this ever-growing pond.

Good luck @srhoosteen!

The problem on steemit is with retention. Most minnows, since they don't get much votes, just leave the platform or stop posting. Work should be done to make steemit more attractive to the users.

Effort needs to be placed on the fact it takes time to build up a following and you have to create good content. Its not get rich quick.

Exactly. I think people come here thinking they'll make $100+ per post overnight and it just doesn't work like that. The only ones who can do that are those who already have large followings on other platforms. If that's not you, then it will take months to build your account up to that level. People should see it first as a platform to share content like any other, making money should be secondary...unless you have really good content. I've been fortunate enough to make good money and I'm a new Minnow. This is only my 2nd week and I've done well for myself.

I think it also depends on the niche you enter into...and you SHOULD have a niche that has some sort of community already built in. Too many people come posting about random stuff that's not targeted towards a specific group. Then I think a lot of people aren't active in the chat rooms and don't actually build relationships with people.

That's spot on. I get so many "follow for follow" requests, they don't realize you have to build relationships with people. I will never forget when I decided to not give up and continued making thoughtful comments, a Whale gave me some wonderful encouragement back and an upvote.

It was a refreshing turn for the better and really motivated me to keep going. So to any new bloggers reading this; hang tough, get involved in chat and comments while continuing to create original content. Learn from successful people and lets help grow this awesome community! :)

i will follow and upvote i want to engage people .if i do in return for good deed u should support me hahaha

New minnow here (sorry about the silhouette... we are a website and will be placing something proper that represents who we are in time). There are chatrooms?

There are a number of chat rooms. is one and Discord has a slew of servers and groups to join

I didn't know there was a chat that's awesome. I'm pretty much doing what I'd be doing on Facebook with adding some additional content. I rather attempt to get paid for something that I was already doing for free. I love learning new things and sharing my thoughts with others.

I Agree with you.creating a content that everybody love is not an easy task.It need some effort and time

My advice on that is just be yourself and write about what you know without expectation of an upvote. If you get upvoted it's icing on the cake.

Hey thanks for this post! I'm new and was contemplating my first real post exploring the platform i see how a niche can be extremely helpful in creating a following.

The problem is who will read 3 page long content of everybodies all the time.
I don't waste our time to read all long posts and not everybody is here are content creator. Thats why. The blablabla problem

Yes, I get what you are saying, but most people are too lazy to do that. So, that is why the number of steemians would never match that of Facebook. All the lazy bloggers will leave, and only the strong bloggers with good following would remain. I don't know whether that would be good or bad for steemit though.

I think the issue we're having is that more people are coming to Steemit to post content instead of coming to the platform to absorb it. I'm unsure what would help retain content creators to stay on the platform to absorb content but the first thing I noticed when I first came on the site was that it almost felt like it was difficult to find interesting posts. I was able to find TONS of articles, but it was a hassle to actually search for.

I joined mainly for this reason. To follow some people I follow on other platforms but unlike places like YouTube, here you can make a detailed and articulate response that can be heard and hopefully contribute something.

I created an article (my first post) which I entered into a competition. I found it a great way to get started, and helped focus my introduction post but I am happy just engaging in the discussion ATM.

I am glad that you said this as I was feeling pressure to create posts but seeing people say that just absorbing the platform for a while is OK makes me feel better about not trying to build a brand just to be on Steemit. The money isn't relevant to me but it seems that most tutorials are aimed at the content creator types and not just the average consumer. I am enjoying just reading and commenting on Steemit.

Hahaha, you are absolutely right. Most of the posts here are pure junk! Maybe 1 out of 100 posts is useful and interesting.

I think you are spot on with retention. Challenges might be a great way, like the #sevendaybnwchallenge. I think it is more a job of for the community to lay down a foundation of P2P interaction that the devs might build on, afterwards. Just my 2 steems. :)

In my opinion, this is what make Steemit different over other plateform. People have to post quality content, and not being a "scrolling zombie", just to fill their free time .Sure It will take patience, and patience in the age of today is rare quality. But it worth it.

I can relate to the "scrolling zombie" the other social media platforms have made me become haha. Glad steemit is changing that :)

Seriously ive been on steemit just for 17days now its still confusing and new to me who can explain it to me😅

It's pretty confusing to navigate. Maybe they'll find a way to make it a little friendlier here in the coming months.

Yah same,it's a lot to take in but I'm trying.😀

To many spam bots.

Are we still doing human verification?
These guys must be getting nuts, if you need to verify so many accounts.

Its great to be here at the beginning. Why anyone is on Facebook and not on Steemit is beyond comprehension.

Well facebook is obviously better because it has worse privacy, and doesn't give you a reward. (except for targeted ads)

Oh wait...

Steemit is still largely unknown and I'm fine with that because we clearly have some really good growth. We should crack 1 million accounts in 2018. Steemit has a lot going for it that will drive people here. We have D-Tube and many Youtubers are looking for alternatives...that will drive them to Steemit. Then you mentioned Facebook and I think a lot of people will start looking for social media alternatives for a number of reasons. Facebook will be the king of the block for the foreseeable future, but when people realize there's an up-and-running social media platform paying people to produce me...more and more people will flock here. We are still in the early stages and as more people come onboard, our assets (Steem and SBD especially) will increase in value because more people will be participating in the economy.

I am so glad i made the choice to join this platform. I mean being one of the first that join here is somehow a privilege in a way.

Another newbie here. Sooo excited to indulge in the possibilities that this platform can achieve.

nice News. i am a new user and looking Forward to the future development of the whole community.

A few days ago I heard of steel and since that I got so pumped from it.

I have also recently jumped into the race of steemit...hope it will be great..

Most of the new Steemians don't want to be patient this days. As for me I know miracle don't happen here it's just the matter of one's effort and it takes time to build your account on steemit that's it. I am a new Steemians but this I understand.
I am @popson the inspirational blockchain blogger

Yess exactly patience brings prosperity.

It's a little confusing.. but if you follow people who can help guide, you can see the BIG potential for putting in the work of good content and interaction with others! This is exciting :))

Followed =) lightworker!

I agree 100% This is an exciting new platform which has arrived at a point in the development of blockchain technology that is nothing short of paramount. Proud "minnow" here trying to get a handle on how to properly set up this account and in time I hope to see all of us grow. (P.S) I like the name "teamtruth"

I like your name too @truthbeyondlies!!

Literally joined a week ago. And I know this isn't even the beginning. In 2 or 3 years, Steemit will be talked about like Facebook when it came out

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Ayyye made it before 500k was reached!
Another obvious problem is that most people won't dedicate enou gh time to this as they would a normal job. I'm looking to build a following but only just now starting so it's probably better that progress is slow and sustainable, because I gotta create content to match my desires... proof of work!

I'm a new member, and I have a lot to learn.

just few days ago, I have made my steemit account and it sounds really interesting. At the moment I'm working on my #introduceyourself. I hope that will be a high quality Network and not get dilapidated to a Scam/Greed/Moneysystem like the other social networks :S

Im new here myself. I've noticed people are just spreading spam/click bait just for some influence or whatever. Judging by all the replies, I'm not the only one who's annoyed. Don't care about making money on the platform.....but not going to complain if i make something.

i can understand that.. its kinda cool just to be here

I'm new here, just hope my posts are useful and impactful and eventually be a successful Steemian

Thanks for the info. Interesting growth trend, I think this year will be the consolidation for steemit

I'm also one of the new users on this social media platform....glad to be apart of the community

My account was just activated today. I am just getting started and don't really know much about the details. I have a friend who is a prolific writer. I told him about Steemit yesterday. He will probably be explaining things to me in a week.

I just joined Steemit a couple of days ago and feel like there are too many people who post random clickbaity stuff to make quick $$$. This creates a huge amount of "noise" which is very hard to filter out.
There are so many quality posts but they get lost in the junk and due to this platform's nature it is difficult for an unknown starter to get followers.
Well at least that is my feeling so far. You probably have to be patient and like someone else already said: don't post for the money, post real interesting stuff and be persistent and patient.

So Steemit is still a toddler. Or not even. When Facebook is the adult.

Paah.. adults! All these rules and restrictions :D

Steemit will be the biggest thing since Facebook

Why can't I resteem it?!?

Pretty amazing huh? I'm luvin it!

Vielen dank! Sehr interessant.

i am one of the new stemians ...I am saying hi to you guys..God bless you all

How impressive as the economy every day, is reinventing itself..

It's just awesome to witness steemit community crossed 500,000 accounts. I think the numbers reach more high soon because steemit blogging is fun and interesting for writers who have passion towards it. Even I got my steemit account just 4 days back and received a good response as well find support from other steemians. I would like to connect with other steemians to explore knowledge. More about myself can be read in my introduction post here.

Haven't seen many bands on here yet, so we're an unsigned band looking to make our name built on crypto and steem could be the platform that could really make us, so thanks for the great info, and looking forward to meeting everyone and making music off the power of steem!!!!!1

I am new to steemit ...don't have an idea how it works or how to be a successful steemian ...but i guess just follow, post and up-voting to others will do the trick...just as riding a bike

BUILD STEEM TOGETHER and merry Christmas.

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I'm a new one! Thanks for information!

Is that good though?

so kanns weiter gehen :D

I am loving that

I love it! Steemit got me excited! XD

I am one of the new ones and i am very interested in Cryptocurrencies. I would love it if you can help me out @cryptoriddler.

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I know deustch also tho i am not that fleunt. Please i would like you to contact me concerning cryptocurrencies. Thanks.

İt's nice to see we become crowded everyday in here !

It's not nice because most of us are not really following with the trend and those that can help the participants just don't care about our posts with at least a comment or upvote

This is so exciting! :D Really looking forward to being part of the community.

I have a feeling that Steemit struggles with a choice, it is a content distribution network or social network.

The first is my preference, that adds value, with the necessary social interactions.

But posting a photo is also fun, am also guilty of, and this fits more with a social network.

the surge in the number of accounts per day is encouraging but new steemians reaction to renumeration may be discouraging. maybe a starter bonus of 0.2steem reward on registration should be considered.thanks

Thanks for following me. I followed you back. I know 500k seems like a lot, but for a social media platform, that goes to show me that this must be fairly new. My husband told me about steemit.

Oh wauhhh.....I also became part of steemit 2 days back. Hope that I will enjoy my stay here. Peace and love to all steemians.

Can someone just take a little time and explain what this is to me because am really not flowing...

Am a novice
Let me just say am lost

This is great to see! Where did you get this graph? Can you share a link with us please?

GREAT NEWS! Thank you for sharing! You made my weekend! Steemit to the moon! I'm telling everyone I know about steemit! GO STEEMIT!

excellent and will continue to increase

Nice chart! Love the bilingual column ;)

I really appreciate this guys

This is great for all of us. We all grow. Just keep working on your platform.

great post, cryptoriddler as usual!

Just created this account and I can see you as a follower. That's nice. I'll like to know how you did it. Thanks for the news steemit.

Great news!!

It's very good this article because we can see how we grow up here together.

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Oh wow! I'm glad to be a part of that statistics, and here's to 500K more accounts and more!

Nice little bit info there, thanks for that.

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I’m an occasional blogger but like the idea of this platform

I just joined yesterday. Glad to be part of the statistics. Let's promote good content and get paid for it. Cheers!

Its going to be a bumpy ride

hold on to your seats guys.. We're gaining momentum!!

Great post mate, cheers

I would be one of those newbies. So far I'm liking the Steemit platform. I just need to do my intro post.

Steemit gets closer to the moon then any other alt currency today with the steem power behind it the little engine that could now has and will continue to reach for greater heights

Nice graph, really showcases the growth of the platform nicely. Although I'm left wondering what those spikes in new accounts were caused by... By the way, I like your translation method. I've never seen two translated columns before!

thank you for information.

Great information ... thanks for sharing ...please check my intro post :D

wow ! Things are getting more closer and people are setting nearby .. #love it

The growing number of new accounts that sign up for Steemit every day proves that Steemit has become a promising choice. Also we will find hundreds and even thousands of creativity every day. I think this will be a good thing.
Interesting information @cryptoriddler

I am also a new member in Steemit. I don't know how it works properly. But I will do my level best. Feel free Support me

I am brand new as well! Follow me and let me know if you like my content. Just started today. Would love some feedback : )

Fantastic Growth!

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The speed of growth is fast

Tweeted your post. 🐦

Its very interesting site
Its like. Tumbler fb twitch all in one lol hope my fallowers grow