more than 600,000 steemit accounts / mehr als 600.000 steemit Accounts

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In less than a month, 100,000 new accounts were created. Now there are more than 600,000 steemit accounts.
In weniger als einem Monat wurden weitere 100.000 Konten erstellt. Jetzt gibt es mehr als 600.000 steemit-Konten.


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6000002018-01-11 13:55:24buhl2
5000002017-12-15 20:37:33bestdronevideos
4000002017-10-06 21:11:12btitrex
3000002017-08-05 13:22:21yanickite
2000002017-06-16 13:16:54spaarzha
1000002016-10-01 04:44:39shasoezseche

Steemit is growing by leaps and bounds every month. Not surprising that the price of SBD and Steem has risen so much over the past 2 months. Many disgruntled Youtubers and FB users will be flocking to Steemit this year.

Just joined I can't believe how fast this is growing I am going to tell everyone I know about this, good riddance Facebook government spy tool.

yea plus i dont need to be sold something 24/7

Thanks for sharing

Just saying it tracks what you look at and sells based on things you might have only talked anout with a friend
The levels of decit at companys like facebook is mind blowing
Sorry if my comment bugged you

Steem is based on the Smart Media Tokens (SMT) protocol, developed by Steemit. As of December 2017, listed Steem with a $475 million market capitalization, and ranked Steem tokens 32nd of 1,358 cryptocurrencies. User actions, such as upvoting facilitates Steem's Proof-of-Brain algorithm, which also factors in the Steem Power a user holds, to provide incentives for content creators and the community by transferring small amounts of the Steem token currency.[8]

Steem began with a highly inflationary supply model, doubling roughly every year. However, due to community demand, on December 6, 2016 the inflation rate of Steem was changed to 9.5% per year, reducing by 0.5% per year.I think your news is right as well as my news also.Am I right?

Wow it definitely is growing

I was thinking about this yesterday... How can you as a Facebook user, or Youtube user - promote content creators to upload to steemit? I mean once they're here they'll never look back right?

Im new to this but if you want to post videos you would still need to upload them somewhere in order to put them on here?

Hey there. New here myself, have you tried to upload and see what happens?


i gave up both and came here why not right ?

Surely this is an unbelievable fact .....

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What is Bitwinner
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Bitwinner uniquely connects business owners with buyers on a global scale by leveraging the security, transparency, and speed of Blockchain via XBRL data, Altman Z-score formula, smart contracts and stable fiat-pegged tokens.

Bitwinner will globalise what is currently a very localised and limited market sector, and in the process will disrupt the financial marketplace.

It will be good one also just like steemit

I'd say this is only the beginning when I first came to steemit I was a little unsure about it just because it was so different from what I was use to in Facebook and Twitter etc but I hung around learned how to use it and it's practically the only social media site I use I still get on Facebook to check out my friends and family's stuff but I can't remember the last time I posted on there and Twitter I only use to follow people I turn to for business and Bitcoin stuff steemit is my go to now and I've got several people signed it now and even if not the greatest blogger or whatever and don't make a ton of money that way you still get some just for comments and upvotes which I've never received a dime from FB or Twitter but I love steemit love all the different things and people world wide and how we all seem to blend together and make it work one day I'm commenting on someone's post from North Africa then China or Japan and Nepal it's just souch different then what I was use to on FB and it's way better I for one love it

Way different but I’m hooked! And it’s only going to get bigger! I’ve only been here a few days.. & I’ve read som amazing posts from all over the world!! Thanks for sharing this info!!

Maybe we get some quality content on Dtube with so many users more... ;)

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you are so right, though I am still very much new here trying to learn and catch up yet it is still unbelievable that you could actually earn something by posting. Yes it is my dream that this outgrows other social media out there

I agree steemit was a brilliant idea. I'm so tired of my facebook timeline

That is absolutely incredible! I hope steemit gives Facebook a run for their money in the near future!

Started from the bottom now we here y’all 🚀🚀

Hopefully everything keeps looking up for all of us!🤘🤘

Great contribution of truth you need more ideas so in the community steem greetings and blessings !!

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Yeah exactly brah. You knowamsaying? Keep the ego

And 15M more pageviews Dec vs Nov

By tomorrow, it may increase from 15M. Lets watch out.

Its a incredible analysis by @cryptoriddler. Good to see that steemit community increasing every day.
Keep going good work by @cryptoriddler.

ich würde sagen, dass sempervideos auf youtube mit seiner werbung von gute arbeit geleistet hat. Auch ich bin durch ihn hier her gekommen :)

Ah, kannte ich noch gar nicht.
Du meinst wahrscheinlich dieses Video:

[DTube - Das bessere YouTube/Facebook]

korrekt und durch diese Video bin ich quasi hier gelandet :)

Ich auch. :) echt tolle Plattform, ich hoffe, sie entwickelt sich weiter zum positiven

geht mir genauso

Ich bin auch durch die hier hin gekommen. Es Gefällt mir ercht gut hier.

Ich habe nur darauf gewartet, dass Sempervideo erwähnt wird. :D
Ich bin froh, dass sie es vorgestellt haben.

Nice its growing fast!

well done cryptoriddler, once again!

Danke fürs folgen :)
Ich bin neu und freue mich, dass Steemit so erfolgreich wird

Someone created a spoof account of btitrex, is there a way to ban it?

echt jetzt? vor paar Wochen waren es erst 300000! grad steigt die Zahl echt rapide ! danke für die Zahlen!

Grüße aus dem schönen Stuttgart

Amazing analysis @cryptoriddler... Decentralization revolution in social media is going to change the dynamics of our world....

I wonder how many fake accounts create.

Hi, where did you found that chart? Is there any chart to see in what time of the day are the most steemans online???

I created the diagram myself. The data were collected by steem-python. A diagram with activity distribution over the day is a good idea. Let's see if I can do this in the near future.

Indeed, Steemit is the answer to social media's problem of not monetizing contributors. All this will change now that steemit has stepped into the social media space. Don't be surprised when steemit becomes one of the most popular platforms on the internet. This day will be here sooner than later.

Yippee...and i am among the newbies. Happy to be here... cheers

Nice to have ya the more u use the more comfortable you will get with it and grow to love it just so much more to offer than the old social media I was use to

How many accounts are inactive because people lost their master keys when first setting up the account do you think? I have a friend who lost his key while signing up on his phone and his browser didn't save it.

HAHAHAHA man u have a point :D!

nice meme. upvote

War auch mein Gedanke, ja.

Wow, loving this analysis... No need to watch, just join and begin to earn as if your life depend on it.

Hello there,

@buekrek gives the award to you.

every new member who follows me and writes a comment under this post will be given a 0,001 sbd.

also every day one of each follower's posts will be resteem.

the reward system will continue as long as we have sbd in our wallet.

Thanks for this awesome info. I am not very familiar about steemit as I am very new. Let's give it time and it will be amazing.

excellent news, really that every time this is interesting.

your are right steemit population is increasing with passage of time
more people is coming to work on steemit

Everybody is aware of the popularity and price rate of bitcoins. In this case steem seems to be much handy site to interact with people and increase the amount in their pocket along with the informative contents people are seeking for.

You are a lucky guy! You have three quater of the ultimate Paul Power inside yourself. It's a pitty "paul" is not complete included in your name... jeah, there is the "L" at the end, but i don't know if it counts...


Always remember: you and we have the holy Power of Paul.
Remember this and use it for good things!
Stay clean, individual and lucky!

So excited to know more about steemit. Yay!

That sounds great! Keep it up ;)

Steem up 15% as of this post. Finally a social media platform that appreciates its users time and contributions.

This is great news! I hope that this growth will continue since we are in desperate need of better alternatives to Facebook and Twitter.

I know I'm a little late to the party but I'm so glad to be involved now especially seeing all the growth that's happening :D

where do you see ''steemit'' at the end of the year? Millions of users?

Nice post.Thanks for sharing with us.

Wow! These numbers are outragous...@cryptoriddler, are these stats verifiable?

All data is stored in the block chain and can be evaluated with small scripts that use the official API.
You can check the values from the table above at for example :

The ID is a sequential number and the account buhl2 has the ID 600000

I am one of the new guys :P

nice thing that you've mentioned the account names :) its somewhat like those "congratulations! you are our 1000st costumer!" that I've only seen on TV so far.. :D

I was one of those new people to sign up in the last month! So far so good! I really like the content here.

Google, facebook, twitter, and the lot need to go the way of the extinct species.

This information is great. I should be expecting SBD to hit $15 towards end of the month.

Do you buy the SBD? Or what r ur plans?:)

I can happily say i'm definitely one of those 600,000 new accounts. I wish I knew of this awesome place before.

Thanks. It is expected an explonential growth of course. At first not much notice but we will see ...

Let's see this trend continue.

Steemit is really growing, woow. Please I want to ask you a few questions, can we chat on discord? This is my discord username grace-ambassador#1860

Güzel bir tablo fakat dahada güzel bir tabloya ulaşmak için steemit daha fazla tanıtım ve bilgilendirme yapılması bu taplonun dahada güzelleşmesine katkı sağlayacaktır

Any stats on the number of active accounts? I'd be interested to see how many of these accounts are unused. Also how many are vote bots.

There are many unused accounts. I tried to count the active users. This is what I get (maybe my count is not 100% correct):
active last day : 46005
active last 7 days : 118874
active last 30 days: 189278
active last 365 days: 496176
active all time: 600572

Great success. Great post.
But there are also active spam accounts.
No contents. Similar picture posts, cat pictures, flower pictures, whatever pictures, no references, no text. But mutual upvoting. Goal: It all adds up.
I guess there are people like that all the time and everywhere.

But I say first and above all: Steemit is great. I'm happy to be part of it.

this is the stat that matters

Perfect, i would keep pushing and getting people in until the count get into the trillions.

Very good your informative post

Ciekawy wpis :) Pozdrawiam serdecznie

And im one of the new guys. Once in my life i got the chance to can join something new.

Thanks for the stats! hope more will join us on steemit! <3
cheers @cryptoriddler

🔝 Steemit.. 🔝 Steemers..

When you hard is like and make good/legit things, success will always be there evidence waiting for you.

Trust me I am not a netizen but when I found out about steemit. I knew I had been wasting myself with the rest of them social media. This is what am looking for.. In the next 2 - 3years steemit would be everywhere. I only hope there is a maeasure to remove the bad people cause as it becomes more popular more bad people would want to be in here with evil agendas to scam the community our 2nd country..Long live steemit

Steemit up up up steemit

This is only the beginning for Steemit. People will come flying on here.
I recently created a post on my blog about Dark Souls Remastered, check it out!

I have been connected to the steemit for 2 days, and every second that passes I want to learn, to know and explore this new world, because that is what the life of learning is about. It is very interesting because we can express all our feelings, what we think and what we like and what we do not like. For that reason and for other more options I bet my time to this new world that opens its doors to me, of which I am sure it will be a worldwide trend. Greetings and I hope you support me and follow me.

that' excting

That's amazing, I hope the community will keep growing like this.

Whether steemit gives facebook a run for its money or not, I could see steemit leading the blogging space and will be here for years to come.

I found out about Steemit about 3 months ago (late October 2017) while researching "altcoins." I loved the idea and bought some Steem. A week or 2 ago (end of December 2017) I decided to create an account. Yay!! I made it in before 600,000 lol. I hope this platform takes off, I love the idea of micro payments for creators!

Thanks for the follow! I'm excited to be one of those 100K!

I think this platform is amazing. Facebook is going to regret they didn't come up with this one much sooner.

Damn, that is a lot of steem dollars that by the way is on sale. Got to catch them all.

Imagine what would happen if a YouTuber with 1mil+ active subs post about Dtube and STEEM

the value of networks is Metcalfe's law it's N squared so the amount of users on network is n
so if im the first person on steemit lonely place not much to do , all of a sudden 100 people join you can connect up vote people so they actually increased the value of my account and Steemit platform inadvertently or not even knowing SO it's classic network effects a billion people on Steemit that's a billion squared right so all the sudden the value gets exponentially greater with every day new memebers joining thats a good thing and with each member steemit get closer to having a seat at the big boys table

gotcha an upvote/plz upvote my post

YAY!! I'm one of them!! Does this make me a minnow? I like minnows they are cute!🐟

Echt brutal wie viele neue Mitglieder (mich mit eingeschlossen) die Community in so kurzer Zeit gewinnen konnte.
Also los lasst uns Facebook, Instagram und co. überflüssig machen! :-)

Steemit is life

I like . your photography and posts, request you to please check out my last 2 posts on Macro Photography , would appreciate your feedback

Steemit is definitely one of a kind platform, no surprises that many people come here to share their ideas and knowledge.

So a million soon ! Yay

Steem is growing rapidly. It is good I think.

This means more the steam user more the steam coin value .

wow, amazing. it is really fantastic. keep posting such interesting and eyes catching stuff. Thank you.

Woah, this is such an impressive statistic. Just noticed that I'm one of the 500K newcomers of Steemit :D


And we will keep growing


It's amazing, the more you can connect the more you can get with steemit.

Great platform.its like Facebook and Quora joined get experienced personals talking sense,and plus there is dollar earnings too.such an amazing concept..thought of it a couple of years back..but didn't knew it will be the future.

more the merrier :)

As promising as that sounds do you find these are investment accounts or bots? There isn't a great amount of active traffic around content.

Perhaps people make accounts by don't adopt the site yet.

The growing rate of steemit is very amazing, if steemit records 100000 new accounts in a month, then what will it record at the end of the year?

incredible how it actually can spread that fast to so many people in so many countries, and everyone are stranger to each other in the beginning and still open up their minds, its powerful ang give hope for humanity :-)

today is my comment to any post , i joined tommrow and now starting today,, steemit, alot of thanks for sharing super really analysis.steemit is really best place,, and hope facebook will also do in near future,,

Thanks for sharing the analysis, i believe in month time more accounts will be created.

wow , dass ging schnell

Wow that's amazing news .

and i am one of this 600 000 haha! :D

I follow the post and I like it very much.I vote.see my profile and vote

Good information

I am curious how it will continue. Of course, Steemit will expand futher. But will really be a rival to youtube or steemit to blogger? Google will have strategies to prevent small platforms with huge potential growing big...

Thanks for the information.

i think steemit will get crazy big soon so i hope that there is a method to make sure that it doesn't slow down like ether how does steemit keep up with demand.

Wow! The steemit community is growing so fast. Amazing!

Thank you for sharing. The growth is amazing! I've joined in the last three weeks myself and am still learning how to use this wonderful site.

Amazing to know steemit is getting bigger and growing at a faster pace

thx for share this. It`s nice to see.

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