How To Turn Your SBD Into an Amazon E-Gift Card

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If you ever wanted turn your SBD into an Amazon gift card, you are in luck, because does exactly that. Yes, you read that right, you can turn your SBD into an Amazon e-gift card! So now you are thinking, how do I do that? If you are confused by how to turn your SBD into cash through the many exchanges out there and just want use gift cards, this is a great service for you. Here is a simple tutorial to show you how!

Step 1- Pick A Gift Card

First go to You will see many different gift cards. For the purpose of this tutorial, I chose an e-gift card since I live in the United States.

Step 2- Pick A Dollar Amount For Gift Card

Next you select what dollar amount you want to choose. I'm gonna pick 50 dollars for this tutorial.

Step 3- Click Checkout


You will see the 50 dollar Amazon e-gift card added to your cart. Now you click “check out.”

Step 4- Put Your Information In

Once you click check out, enter your contact information.

Step 5- Enter Your Payment Method

20180304_011347 (1).png

Next you enter your payment method. Click on “Pay with Steem or Steem Dollars.” Then you click on “Complete order.” Decide between Steem or Steem dollars to use.

Step 6- Confirm The Purchase

I chose Steem dollars. The site will take you to steemconnect. Press continue and enter your username and your key.

20180304_011404 (1).png

Step 7- Just Wait For Your Amazon E-Gift Card To Be Delivered By E-Mail


That’s it. You will get an email saying your order is processing. I normally get my email in a few hours, but I always get the e-gift card within 24 hours.

Remember There Many Other Gift Card Choices

Screenshot-2018-3-4 Home page.png

So if you want to get gift cards with SBD or Steem, this will be great way to do it, especially if you are unsure how to use exchanges for cash. This is a great option because you can get not only Amazon e-gift cards, you can buy Visa debit cards and many other gift cards. I have done the Amazon e-gift card multiple times and I love it. I find it very beginner-friendly.

This service is on Steemit under the name @steemgiftcards, if you want to keep updated as they add more gift cards to their store. That’s the page you want to keep looking at to stay updated. If you want to follow the person who is behind this great service, his Steemit name is @xtrodinarypilot. I hope this tutorial helped you. If you have been looking for an exchange but find it confusing, maybe this option is what you are looking for! Hope you found this article helpful and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below.

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That's pretty awesome u can do that! I never knew that.. Thanks for sharing 😁

It is so cool. Glad you liked it :)

I never knew this was actually a thing! That's so cool!!

I can finally buy games on Steam using Steem!!! :D

lol Glad I could help your game addiction :D

That's a great useful information! Will do that. upvoted. Thanks for sharing.

Glad you find this information helpful!

Did not know that, very interesting

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It's great to see easy ways of using your steem.

I love it, so easy!

Really convenient.

Do you know what kind of fees are being taken to transfer from Steem to USD?

Depends on amount of purchase i think fees are 5 or 10 percent when i did a 50 dollar card pay a fee of1 dllar and 50 cents. Hope that answers your question!

I want to ask something. If I am from Venezuela I can do this? Do I need to do something else?.

As of now, no. However, the guy who runs this says they be adding more cards in future and should include other countries. I'm sure eventually he will add a lot more countries to this. If you want to follow him to stay updated here is his link

Yes, but I mean that I can turn my SBDs into a $25 gift card I can get the code. Like I can still use it in the page to buy because I have people that can bring me the stuff I ordered.

I am not 100 percent sure on that one.Email this guy and he can help you with that! [email protected]

Wow, this is great news ! 😊
There are quite a number of gift cards.

Absoultely! It is really cool I think.

That's amazing, i have no idea of convert your SBD to gift card. Thank you

Your welcome! I love this, especially for users that find exchanges confusing!

so helpfull post..dear..thanks for sharing...

Oh I must check I would like to get something for someone who deserves it. Still do you know if you can pick other Amazons from other countries? Their prime subs, etc are totally independent pages

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