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RE: Back From the Dead!!!!

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Glad you're back, and so sorry to hear about the stress is caused. I second Trevor's comment. More detailed info might help all of us. I am unsure what you mean about blacklisting an email. I have shared my email with a couple of people here in order to talk about side projects, and I am wondering if that is really a bad a idea.


Check my comment reply to trevor :)
I am planning to make a more detailed version of this post to explain.
Also thanks for the response. The overall sharing of the email i don't think will be problematic for you. :)
I need to head over to your blog. How's the running been? I just finished a little 2.1 miler. Kinda nippy out

It's coming along. The problem with time off is that when I start up again I am not only out of shape, but also a little older! You will understand someday :). I did my first continuous 3 miler in quite a while yesterday, and felt like Tom Hanks when he made fire in Castaway. Okay, maybe not quite that happy, but close. We got a full foot of snow yesterday! But its almost melted already.

Yeah we got a bunch of snow too. Today up in the 40s and slushy.
Ehhhh, i feel you though. I always feel it when i take time off whether intended or not and i certainly don't snap back like i did in my 20s. Lol.
Good job on your 3 miler!