10 Steem Power Reward who can help me.

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I accidentally authorized @minnowbooster for posting, and I need to stop it. The only problem I don't know how.

Please help me. Whoever is fist to help will get rewarded 10 Steem Power (around 60 USD)

I appreciate your help :)


I have removed @streemian out of my posting key with only 1 command line in cli_wallet

update_account_auth_account magicstone1412 posting streemian 0 true

Your case should be,

update_account_auth_account ctyptouniverse posting minnowbooster 0 true

You can download cli_wallet at the end of my post. Hope it help!

If you don't feel confident with cli_wallet, please read this post (I do not test yet). But steemconnect will ask your password in that case. You can change your password after removing authorized minnowbooster account in case you don't believe in steemconnect


The simple way is you change your password. Posting key will be changed accordingly.

I changed my password, authorization still there. I suspect they will keep 50% of my posting rewards, that is why I want to delete them.

Okay if it is still there, you can use cli_wallet to remove it. Have you ever tried cli_wallet? You can build your own or I can send you that file to run on Windows 10 or Linux. It's up to you.

You can refer to this post

No I never used but it seems complicated. What I understand minnowbooster can post on my behalf, but they don't get a share of profits on my posts. Is that true?

Yep, minnowbooster can post on your behalf, but they don't get rewards. That's true!

To run the cli_wallet, it is not so complicated as you think. You can read my post. I hope it will help.

By the way, I also delegated @streemian my posting key. I will remove it when I get back my home from my office today.

If you have any questions, you can find my username on Discord magicstone1412#1889

Thank you for your help, I appretiate it. I’ll try the wallet during the weekend.

I owe you what I promissed, so going to upvote your post too.

Thank you so much!


Edit: I found a more simple method here if you don't feel confident with cli_wallet

Thanks a lot. I appretiate it.

I loged it to steemconnect, but minnowbooster does not show up under authorized apps. I will try with cli wallet one day when i have more time. Thanks a lot for your effort.

it is due to a problem in minoowbooster . . . . it'll be solved soon
don't worry

It's not a problem with them. I authorized them and I need to stop it.

@ctyptouniverse, I also get that way .. and still have not found a way to stop it. if I have got the answer as soon as it will tell you.

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it

Don't worry about that, helping each other is the key to a community's success

I see I have as well @steemapp in 50% of my posting authorities.
I don't remember if I ever authorize them, I think never did.

Can anyone explain me what does it means?
Are they getting 50% of my curation or what?

esteemapp is easy to deauthorize, I figured they don't get curation, they just can post and upvote on your behalf.

and how can I deauthorize them?

Check this article. Let me know if you find how to remove minnowbooster.


Perfect thanks!
Just for my understanding, what is exactly what steemapp do when is in myy athorization field at 50%?

Yes that was my fear too, but idk why it shows 50%. I checked other uses that did not authorize anybody, they are getting same rewards as us. So basically we are not losing money.

I just want to prevent them from posting/upvoting on my behalf. I will ask them on discord chat.