⛔️ STOP CUDDLING 🙀 I have been labelled as a top-spammer and @abusereports starts flagging me 😿

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Attention - I have to stop Cuddling!!

or at least I'll have to do it in secrecy for now!

@abusereports has started flagging @cuddlekitten:

and by flagging I mean down-voting EVERY comment made in the past 4 days!

I am not sure WHY exactly this is happening...
I am only being told to stop the "naughty actions":

loveletters from abusereports

I am not sure how @cuddlekitten ended up on @abusereports' flag-list in the first place. I'll have to assume it's somewhat related to the new steem-sincerity API classifying @cuddlekitten as a top-8 biggest spammer on steemit?!

I've already talked to @andybets about the situation on multiple occasions and he pretty much agrees the classification to be inaccurate and due to a very limited set of training data for his AI.

But I actually do not know if these two situations are related at all, maybe it's just a coincidence in timing?!

To prevent further reputation damage I am putting @cuddlekitten to sleep for now.

@abusereports doesn't have a public appeals process that I know of. It is being operated by @nextgencrypto (@berniesanders) and @emrebeyler, so I'll have to try reaching out to them, Wish me luck... I am not quite sure where to get a hold of them. If you have any pointers that may help me get to the bottom of this, it will be much appreciated!

While this situation unfolds, a lot of you cuddle-buddies have helped negate most of the reputation damage done by the flags with your upvotes. I'll have to especially give Thanks to @steempty for the major support as this unfolded, to @reddragonfly for already being vocal about the situation and to @reggaemuffin for helping this post become visible again after being auto-flagged, too.

P.S.: in the meantime @cuddlekitten is delivering cuddles to her buddies again, but she has been muted in order to prevent any new comments from continuously being auto-flagged. I hope this gets solved soon. I have contacted both @emrebeyler and @nextgencrypto via steem.chat and I am awaiting their reply.

UPDATE: 3 hours after making this post the steem-sincerity API has stopped listing @cuddlekitten under the top 500 spammers, instead she now receives a 0.87% human score, which is equally inaccurate! I guess writing a single post can convince the AI to change it's judgement from wrong to equally wrong but less harmful?!

UPDATE: 4 hours after making this post, reaching out to @nextgencrypto on steem.chat, he removed @cuddlekitten from the flag-list of the @abusereports bot. I will unmute @cuddlekitten again. If there are any more concerns about the kitten-bot being a spammer, please, do not hesitate to reach out to me.

UPDATE: 6 hours after making this post, automatic flags are still happening and all kitten-bots have been muted for now to avoid further reputation damage. not sure if @abusereports changed their mind or if the "un-listing" just takes time.

FINAL UPDATE (hopefully): another two hours later the "un-listing" finally took effect - cuddling continues, let's get fluffy again. I hope this was the last update on the matter!

cuddle-bot by @fraenk
artwork by @zneeke


Very happy that was resolved, and that there was actually someone listening on the other end! @cuddlekitten is a welcome little visitor on many people's posts, and actually has a positive message of "reciprocity" and "paying it forward" which is a good model for doing well on Steemit.

Bright Blessings and kitten cuddles!

WOW! Thanks for these kind words. I think you've summed up my intentions behind the bot much better than I could have.

@cuddlekitten is a welcome little visitor on many people's posts, and actually has a positive message of "reciprocity" and "paying it forward" which is a good model for doing well on Steemit.

I might just quote that the next time I have to defend my kitten's honor if you don't mind :D

Great moral support! Thanks a lot!

It's one of those instances that goes to show that automation doesn't always work in a social setting. Glad it appears to have been resolved... I would have missed that cheerful little piece of fluff!

Thanks so much for your support. Finding your comments alongside the tidal wave of flags against @cuddlekitten helped encouraging me to resolve this situation with a constructive state of mind.

It really eased the anger over the whole ordeal! Thanks.

I am equally glad the situation has resolved rather quickly and I can let the fluffball run freely again. Cheers to more cuddles!

Of course these guys would even pick on a cute kitten who only wants to spread love!!! Instead of a spamming mean cat like @grumpycat

I actually prefer the comments as i like seeing the kittens awesome pics made by @zneeke 😡😡😡😡 none of the steem kittens are spammers they just give cuddles!

heh... thanks for the support @limabeing!

Not sure what lead to this... up to very recently @cuddlekitten had never received a single flag... she's been passing out ~3 times more cuddles than comments and everything was hunky-dory so far.

ah well, we'll see... I think this must be a misunderstanding?!

@fraenk - This is what happens, when bots are allowed to run rampant! ..and the owners lack the necessary discernment.

Sure the can programme a bot but can they curate!?

Looks like all kittens became naughty lately :)

@hanen, hopefully grumpy cat is included in that definition, lol! He never matured past kitten!

Yes he is a naughty Grumpy Kitty :)

@limabeing - I agree 100%!

Even in spite of the fact I have to grab my kitten-proof mask every time, I hope you can resolve this. Cuddling != Spam.

Cuddling does not equal spam its just like any other upvote bot except cuter and onky rewards those who upvote others

That's what I said. != means the opposite of = 😁

Thanks @okkiedot.

Since the kitten creates only around 250 comments within 2 weeks while passing out about 3 times as many cuddles, compared to real spam-bots that are in the ranks of 4-5 thousand comments without actually giving anything at all... ugh... oh well...

I hope this is some sort of misunderstanding or a troll who reported her?!

I just checked the comments. I think you have been flagged, because of the short comments. You can still fix it. Write long meaningful comments in the future and work on your reputation. Everything will be OK :)

hehe... thanks for the feedback!

long meaningful comments is really not at all what @cuddlekitten does... she's quite clearly a bot that was designed to give a positive playful experience and decent upvotes to it's supporters. She's supposed to just communicate through those pictures she posts.

The idea is simply like a stray cat on the blockchain, she roams and comes begging for attention every now and then, but for the most part she just goes around and cuddles steemians she finds to be nice (to her AND others).

Her short but not completely meaningless comments are quite appreciated by most and she does NOT comment repeatedly on users who do not interact with her.

I actually think (hope?) this is all down to the false classification by the sincerity API being extremely inaccurate.

Ah OK! I didnt know that she is a bot lol. It happened to me some months ago with another bot related to cats (forgot the name). I had long discussions until someone told that it was a bot lol
Thank you :) I am sure the problem will be solved if anybody contacts @steemcleaners on their discord channel :)

@abusereports is in no way related to @steemcleaners.

I've contacted bernie and embre (the guys running abusreports) on steem.chat and I hope to learn more about why the flagging happened in the first place soon.

Ah Ok! I thought they were same :) Ok I hope the problem will be solved soon :)

@fraenk - These bots have gone completely mad. I hope AI never takes off!

I has a similar incidents happen to me a few days ago. @sneaky-ninja up-votes my post for a solid month, profiting off it, then decides to put on his curators had! You post is now on my watch-list!!! "Oh really you have a watchlist - WTF?" - Is my response!

These robots are busy ruining Steemit!!

heh, consider yourself lucky :P ... I wish someone would have talked to me and put me on a "watch-list" first... seems I just received the flagging treatment right ahead, at least I can't find any warnings given to me or the kitten directly!

Brother, all your writing is very nice. If you vote for me then I am very good.thanks

flagged for comment spam


now THAT is what spam looks like... no upvote and a meaningless self-promotion comment!!

the kitten leaves almost a cent in upvotes when she comments and she comments much less than this dude!

Steem Flag Rewards mention comment has been approved! Thank you for reporting this abuse,@fraenk categorized as comment spam. This post was submitted via our Discord Community channel. Check us out on the following link!
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