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RE: Successful #2 India Steemit Accelerator and Steem Cryptocurrency Meetup 2017 at Robert Bosch India HQ!

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This is absolutely fantastic and deserves more than a full upvote! I love to see initiatives like this happening as it really is helping to growth the platform. A great part about it is that those are happening more and more frequently and in different countries around the globe.... Just to name few I noticed over the past couple of days: @donkeypong in Nigeria, @htliao in Hong Kong, @jassennessaj in Philippines and also projects such as @steemsongs, #SteemBnN, @sndbox! Those "humble" beginnings will really offset the growth to a different levels in 2018. Spreading the awareness and retaining the talents is what will make a real breakthrough! Thank you, good luck and happy steeming! Tomas


Thank you for mentioning me in your comment :) That's nice to see so many meetups happened across the globe.

You are most welcome, you guys are doing great things to drive the adoption of steemit and make it a success in the long run!

Followed bro follow back and support newbie like me take upvote

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