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RE: New Steemit update claim reward Tax?

in #steemit4 years ago

@lays steemitinfo extension isn't working properly so i guess the payout figures shown are not correct and given lesser.

I had tried doing the calculation before and from what i figured is they are cutting 25% of the SBD rewards and giving to us in the form of Steem which of course is a loss to us.

Looking forward to know more details from the witnesses here.


@danzy i believe for example they cut 100 sbd reward from claim and gives us only 50 steem back so its a huge loss

@lays see if you were getting 100 SBD in rewards you would now be getting

75 SBD + 16.66 Steem + Steem Power stay as it is

(Your 25 SBD is converted into 16.66 Steem assuming 1.50 is the current Steem rate).

This is what i understand and it's indirectly a loss to us.

@danzy steem launch a producer reward i think all these tax going into steem producers accounts ?

@lays i don't know maybe these reward differences are going to all the witnesses who can explain better to us.

Yes, that is true. Somebody has to give a clear answer to the problem (the difference of the reward .)

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