Steemit promo running on 200 radio & TV stations, YouTube channel [dTube]

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This is my latest pitch to my audience for the Steem blockchain

Later this week, this four and a half minute segment talking about Steemit and inviting my audience to come here and participate in the community will be going live to our full distribution, which includes:

  • 200 radio and television stations around the US
  • Nightly broadcast on DirecTV and DISH Network (satellite TV)
  • Podcast
  • YouTube channel with nearly 450,000 subscribers

My plan is to continue promoting Steem to my audience. Let's keep it going!

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Good call.
this will put steemit in a different pedestal. Glad you are here to welcome them and provide them with good blogs.
Keep on steemin'

Hi, I hope you don't mind me contacting you here (as I couldn't DM via Discord) but as a show researcher for @pennsif's My Life in 8 Songs radio show I was wondering whether you'd be interested in doing a guest spot? If you haven't heard of the show yet, here is a recent promo post: The show is moving to a regular Thursday night slot (UTC). It is an interesting exercise, to think of special moments of our lives in relation to particular songs. If you would like to know more, please do ask me. Thanks. :)

I'm sure it would be fun to be the interviewee for a change. ;)

please email me through the contact form at !

By accident, flipping channels on direcTV, I came across your show on tv on a channel called something like Freedom Tv. It was awesome seeing you on big screen as I usually watch you here or youtube

yes indeed, Free Speech Tv and that's where this promo will air!

Fantastic news.

this is great and exactly what we need on the platform. How do I find this on DirectTV?

Channel 348 on DirecTV is Free Speech TV

haha, my thoughts exactly

One thing you might want to suggest David,
Clicking that link will let your new arrivals see steemit like you do, like a shortlist of authors to follow.

This is very good. It's not sensational, you are not yelling, you are not trying to sell too hard and it's still convincing enough. I like it a lot. We are trying to do something similar and I will always keep this video in mind!

yeah, yelling isn't really my thing

Oh wow, this is really taking off! I'm so glad to be here, even if I missed a couple of opportunities by ignoring messages I received about steemit a few months ago...

You stopped ignoring them though.
Give yourself some credit :)

You convinced me to sign on to Steemit in late November which I am greatful for as I love participating in the art community on Steemit.

There is nothing wrong with conservatives Having their own posts, obviously, on steemit and I would love to dispell myths that many seem to hold towards most liberals - and it has been a while since I have had a rational conversation with them. However I have also noticed more trolls. If one has a disagreement in opinion, that is fine, but if there is name calling and the typical troll language I vow to red flag. Hi hope the Steemit community doesn’t contribute in splitting Americans even further apart than we already are.

I've read your post is very good, I tetarik read it ,,, hope it useful for those who visit
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I'm new to Steemit, only about a month or so in so I haven't seen what it's been like before I joined, but I am slowly seeing established Youtubers coming over to DTube, i'm seeing many people suggesting the platform in the comments of big channels being hit hard but YT. I discovered Steemit when I was researching the Blockchain, not through referral. The role of referrals is going to be huge in growing the platform.

Amazing. I do as much as I can through our magazine. Every issue. It's promoting the new through the old. But I've started getting people asking me about it now/

Awesome news Davidpakman. How will his effect Dtube? Will you be posting full shows there as well?

Ohh that is amazing!

Great promo for Steemit and I think you will boost your followers here by the orders of magnitude you mentioned!

          Hello @davidpakman. It is good to see that you are still here and still actively promoting steem, steemit, and blockchain technology. There are currently only a few games on the blockchain technology, and on steemit in particular. @apolymask is working on developing an RPG style game/contest with his Information Finding Championship. He started this up in January about the 26th with issuing his first quest/round. This contest is going to run through July 18th.
          I know that there are a lot of gamers and the potential for rewards with the use of cryptocurrencies can be quite explosive. For round 13 (which this comment will be included in my post), we are tasked with trying to spread the word of Crypto, Steemit, and the blockchain in general. When I talk about reward, just for this round @apolymask received a sponsorship of 25 steem or SBD, (sorry I keep forgetting which), and the posting post payout. Not a small sum to be sneezing at, for the winner of the contest, it is 150 Steem.
          If you have some time over the course of the next 5 days or so, I would really appreciate it if you could take a look at his site and see what the contest is about, how it is growing, and well to be honest, how much fun we are having, and how well everyone is getting along playing.
          This contest is a new concept, and it could be a groundbreaking concept in social gaming, so a review, and a plug on one of your shows would be an earth shattering event, (for me anyways). Thanks for taking the time to look or at least read this comment if you had time.