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In September 2016 I wrote my first post for Steemit. Now, one year later I've reached the 500+ person milestone, and it seems that more and more people are following me each day to read all the weird nonsensical stuff I've been writing.

Thanks for all the support, comments and consistent encouragement. I've received from you and appreciate the consistent support and encouragement. I read every comment and try to respond to most. I hope you've seen that I read all the comments and try to respond and upvote those who communicate with me -- it means a lot!

A bunch of new stuff is on the horizon:

  • I'll be working on developing some incredible games with an awesome game company (can't disclose which one yet.)

  • I participated in my first Steemit writing contest, you can read my sci-fi entry here: NEXT

  • I've started making investments in cryptocurrencies from the STEEM I've accumulated through this amazing place. So, expect periodic posts about that--but also, I'm sure it will encourage me to write more.

  • I just joined my first Steemit group the #theunmentionables and it seems to be a supportive and interesting group -- it's exciting and we'll see where it all goes.



I'll continue to write about storytelling and role-playing games. I'll also be posting more short fiction pieces as well as blog entries about some of the adventures I have planned.

This platform has been awesome and given me so much both financially and personally, and I'll continue to promote it as much as possible.



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Big props man! It would be awesome if those 500 are actively still follow and support you! I hope to reach that number soon!

It would be awesome if they were all active, however it seems like there's a big drop-off for steemit users. Sadly, I think more than half the people I follow don't post anymore.

Thats why id rather build my following offline. My followers are at 556 but i get 13 to 20 upvotes. Those are people i know here locally. This is also why i dont trust resteem services. Basically useless. I have a team of 28 here in Davao. Looking forward to reaching 200 by end of the year

Congratulations! I always like reading your stuff, but I need to keep an eye out for your posts more often. I follow too many people lol

Keep up the good work :)

Thanks - appreciate it!

I look forward to reading more of your stories.

Thanks @lordmok -- I'll keep posting!


Mind sharing which currencies you are investing in?
I have been buying BTC, IOTA, EOS, BTS, BAT, SIA, and obviously STEEM



@holbein81 -- Just saw this -- BTC, CVC, ETH, LTC, GNT -- for now.

Thanks! Will have to look at them some more - only have BTC from that list


It's really interesting to see how Organically the people how follow you come into play. Thoughtful posts consistently are such a key thing, imho, nice post

I completely agree - cheers!

nice post upvoted your vote is important for me @deshwal

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