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RE: Steem Secrets #8 (Delivered By @athenabree08): To Succeed On Steemit You Will Need A Lorry Load Of Foresight. See This Rare Intel!

in #steemit4 years ago

Since you joined steemit, did you know that your "Curriculum Vitae" has not been the same?

There is no way you will be on this platform for just a day and your curriculum vitae will remain the same, you will just see things to add to your life ideally, mentally and financially and that show how rich the platform is in all ramifications.

Thanks to @steemsecrets team for another #secretRevealed.


It's our pleasure @deniran thanks to @surpassinggoogle who made it possible. 😊

your all 20 point are Succeed On Steemit You Will Need A Lorry Load Of Foresight! now steemit become my career! i was not known from steemit when i joined steemit i realize steemit give me opportunities to fillfull my dream! a platform where your life change! i financialy weak but steemit give a new hope of life thanks you steemit!
thanks to @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for helping the community!

Yeah a big thanks to @surpassinggoogle he helped us a lot in so many ways.

Yeah our CVs wont be the same anymore as we are able to experience a lot of opportunities by this one amazing platform. We get to connect with other people and build a good relationship with them. By that engagement, we are able to enhance our communication skills and connectedness with others. We also get to travel and see the beauty of the world through others’ perspectives. This is a chance for us to get in touch with the world . :)

wow we a third post os secrets of steemit by @steemsecrets she will make me millioner haha!cause she is leaking all the secrets and create new paths for us to do better and better and thanks to @surpassinggoogle

He just wanted to help us and get some more knowledge in this platform. That's why he's putting all of his hardwork here just for us. To become successful here in steemit. @akashhassan

well thanks for your replay yeah we can see her hard work and thats really helpful.!

Aboslutely true!!! Steemit changes lives daily and if you are still the same way you are before joining the platform then there is a problem somewhere

Yeah dear, I am one of those whose life changed because of steemit.

Barely two months since joining and I have lots of testimonies. I really would love to share ideas on @steemsecrets #secretsrevealed but I don't know how to go about it

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