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RE: Steem Secrets #10 (Delivered By @thereikiforest): On Steemit, There Are Bigger Things Than "Quality Of Content". Digest This & Your Posts Will Start Trending!

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Steem Secrets #1 (Delivered By @sunnylife): "You Are Whale To Me!"; This Is Where Your Steemit Journey Should Begin.
Steem Secrets #2 (Delivered By @ankarlie): "You Own Steem". We Take Steem To The Moon.
Steem Secrets #3 (Delivered By @enjieneer): "Rewards" On Steemit Involve Way Bigger Things Than "Money". Abeg, Shine Your Eyes!
Steem Secrets #4 (Delivered By @gerel): Shake The Steem Blockchain With A Piece Of Awesome "YOU", For "There Was Life Before Steemit".
Steem Secrets #5 (Delivered By @allerie00): Much Of The INTEL That You Will Need, To Attain "Steemit" Success, Lies In "History".
Steem Secrets #6 (Delivered By @itsjessamae): The Rarest INTEL About Steem Wallets. For Success Even On Steemit, "Respect" Is Involved.
Steem Secrets #7 (Delivered By @zoeroces): To Really Shine On Steemit, You Will Need To Be Slow About "Conclusions".

Steem Secrets #8 (Delivered By @athenabree08): To Succeed On Steemit You Will Need A Lorry Load Of Foresight. See This Rare Intel!

Wow 4days off I have missed you guys like die, it good to have #secretRevealed back thanks to everyone that make it possible and a special regards to @surpassinggoogle.... Please how do one join the @steemsecrets team?



If you are to compare at all, compare "value" but since you have no real measure of this "value"; keep in mind that there are bigger things than content and value; "YOU!"

Many people say, words of motivation to encourage everyone, but the point is how they gonna do it consistently, BUT when I read your phrases above, it reminds me that being yourself can help you achieve and successful in life..

Wow. Thank you @thereikiforest for this post. This really inspire me though im not a good writer and im not good in writing but i did my all best to create a post with a good content.
Your right. Its all about the quality of the post and how the readers valued it. Sometimes the picture you used in your post is much attracted than the content of your post.

Thank you @steemsecrets for this inspiring post. Another knowledge of wisdom to inspire all steemians.

@surpassinggoogle thank you sir for never ending support. For always staying on our side.

There is a contact us towards the bottom of the post

Sir @surpassinggoogle, What's your secret of success?

Everything is revealed on @steemsecrets in assimilateable sweetbits

Thank You sir. I'm new to the platform and I will read these guides. Any other tip would be highly appreciated.

Sir @surpassinggoogle nangangailangan ako ng iyong tulong, binili ko ang account na ito mula sa dames kahapon.
Ako ay mula sa Santiago, Philippines
Ang pangalan ko ay Nylia Osnofla Nanafa.
Ako ang iyong tulong upang lumago ang aking account.

Excited to see that.

Okay boss @surpassinggoogle I will follow the contact right away.

Wish to join soon. Best regards to sir @surpassinggoogle for opening this opportunity to everyone.

I am waiting to join @steemsecrets. I love your every project Sir @surpassinggoogle. I learnt a lot from you and still learning and taking guidelines from you, Due to you me and many of like me stay alive in Steemit. Thanks a lot and Salute to you.

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