Steem Price Predictions

in #steemit3 years ago


Today, I want to share some price predictions for Steem and will give my personal opinions about it. First of all, lets have a look at predictions.

Steem is currently 0,785980 USD.

According to, Steem will be around 1.97 - 2.89 USD (December 2018) and will hit 3.79 USD next year (December 2019). is predicting Steem as 3.67 USD for the next year. is predicting Steem as 2.28 USD for the next year. ( 6.01 USD for 2022)

According to, Steem will hit 5.256 USD in 2019.

Personally I feel like it is easy for Steem to hit 5 USD in 5-6 months with the bull run, Steem can be a good investment for the long run. Not seems impossible to hit 10 USD, as it was 8,28 USD just 11 months ago.

What do you think about it? Please feel free to comment below.



I think steemcan hit 10 usd during bull run.. Because steem is the best blockchain project. People are using steemit and steem.. Adaption is maximum..