Why I Bought 250k Steem During The Dip & Just Getting Started

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"Skate to where the puck is going."

Centralized social media and data storage was cute. It had a good run and served a valuable purpose, and for that, I give credit where credit is due. It just didn't work out; this was a stepping stone, not a foundation.

Our data, is well, ours. Facebook/YouTube etc. are just illusions of content ownership. These giant companies pimp our data out to the highest bidder leaving the content producers like milked cows. The biggest threats these business impose is censorship via shadow bans or outright banning.

Parasites, big centralized corporations feed off of users and prey on their privacy. Even though this is going on, I knew deep down the average user does not care and wanted only wanted a good user experience, decentralized or not.

Insert upvotes that pay the content creators. Steem has the magic sauce; the ability to pay your favorite content creator without actually having to pay out of your own pocket is a paradigm shift.

Big businesses become too top heavy and implode. Let's look at Blockbuster, a former fortune 500 company which was one the safest, highest returning stocks in history, once upon a time. A little thing came along called the internet, and well a neat idea at the time, "probably wasn't worth Blockbuster selling all of their stores and firing all their employees, because this would be a disaster for their stock price," - thought their advisers.

Blockbuster chose to ignore Netflix and double down on marketing and smear campaigns vs. internet businesses, which worked well because most people called internet businesses Ponzi schemes back then.

It wasn't that blockbuster didn't see the internet train coming; it just couldn't move off the tracks fast enough. The thing about this big centralized business is they have so much overhead; they merely implode once a better technology that undercuts their business model. The internet made it faster, cheaper and more convenient to rent and buy movies, blockbuster couldn't compete, good game.

The blockchain is just a better version of the internet, fast cheaper and more reliable. Utility Tokens are looked at as mostly Ponzi schemes in this day and age, "and it probably isn't worth Facebook to fire most of its employees and cannibalize itself into a decentralized business model." ;)

The biggest competitor for Steemit I see would be Reddit, but with Reddit Gold pulling in over one million in revenue last year, they have yet to show signs of wanting to decentralize. At this point even if they did want to decentralize, the Steem blockchain & SMT's coming up would be a far better option to buidl on.

Steem already has a huge hardcore incentivized community. The Steem Witnesses I talk to all believe in this movement so much. When a villain got control over my account, @GuiltyParties went the extra mile to get my account back. (Vote for GuiltyParties as Witness) Several others were eager to help me as well. This place turns into something much more than just a content creation platform; people have each other's backs here.

In case you didn't notice, pretty much every centralized social media platform is ramping censorship up. The slope is slippery, and the divide is great. The ability to channel information that supports specific agendas is dangerous to our world and thrives in the current environment. Information should be open source, and everyone should have an equal opportunity at the truth. The tipping point is near, and content creators have been pushed into a corner, and they are starting to jump on the Steem Train.

Right now some have issues with this or that on this platform, but as far as I am concerned it's the Steem Train, or your ass is walking. Putting trust, all one's eggs into the centralized vulture nest is not ideal; anytime they can take your voice away.

I am just skating to where the puck is going. Steemit provides a safe haven for all content creators who fear of being banned. I never had to do anything fancy to get where I am, sometimes in life, the answers we're looking for are in plain sight.

Steem is a clear "Yes!" as an answer for me, and it's not hard to see where this amazing platform will be heading.



I have been on the Steem train for a little over 2 years now.

In that time period I have seen this blockchain transform from a small website Steemit.com to a complete social media platform (Dapps).

It's been one of the most amazing things I ever been part of and to have seen it all unfold from the start has been cool as hell.

Steem also changed my own life in that same time period giving me the opportunity to give up my own IT business and gain more freedom.

Right now, the future for Steem is clear with easy signups, SMT's and communities.

I am 100% convinced that at some point this train will leave the station at lightning speed and then it's just a question wether you are on board or not.

You sure are.

Nice article!

Agreed, very bullish on the future of Steem, only crypto seeing consistent, valuable usage

Agreed! :)

Cheers, here's to the next 2 years!

I got your point, but...when you are not a whale or a dolphin, does it count also, to be on board? If you just write and don't invest or having some whale as a friend?

I enjoyed the process when people called me a minnow. I enjoyed the process when people called me a dolphin. I enjoy the process when people call me a whale. At the end of the day, I am happy regardless, and the only thing I really listen to is when they call me Dan. ;) @ritxi Create content because you want to express yourself and the rest will fall into place.

Best comment ever.

I agree. Great comment.

Yeah, I sort of resonate with this comment. I have learned that if you aren't happy where you are, you won't be happy anywhere. I've gone from being ridiculously poor, to the other far end of the spectrum, then down somewhere in the middle through a series of mishaps; then bounced back up and around some more.

Honestly, it is more difficult to be happy when you become wealthy if you didn't have your psychological trip together when your were poor. Everyone here would do well to understand that and take it as hard earned wisdom.

That is true, if you can't be happy when you are down, you can't be happy period. Money def isn't the key to happiness, being thankful is what helps center me.

Im curious to know how do you intend to use your stake. A solo curator? Content creator? Or community supporter?

By the way, I like the tone of humility on your words Dan. Stay awesome and steem on!

All three. I plan to help in anyway I can and use the platform like it's intended by making content I like and upvoting content I like.

That's great! Following you now :) if I have money to buy 250k sp, I will do the same as you. I'm looking forward to your interview with @timcliff, I just finish reading @acidyo's interview. It inspires me to power-up :)

My 2000th follower, gotta be lucky!

Wah! Seriously? :) i have to screenshot this. That makes me your 2nd millenial follower, hehe. Let's see if who's gonna be the 3rd😊🍻

Yes so true, Steemit is really awesome and many things are in developement, this will be huge!

I joined Steemit at its best time (awesome days), now even at this low point I stayed because I do believe in its potential. Your 2 years of tenacity inspired me to keep going for steemit. Cheers😊🍻

seeing something you like grow from scratch is always soothing.

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Hi. I do an interview series called "Interview a Steem Stakeholder" to help inform the community about the views of the largest Steem stakeholders. I think that as a new large stakeholder coming in with purchased stake - you will offer a very unique perspective :) Would you be interested in doing an interview?

Thanks for reaching out Tim. Sure, an interview sounds great. Reach out on Steem.chat or discord, same username "dhenz"

Couldn't find you on discord searching for dhenz, but I reached out on steem.chat :)

Yes across the board!

I just had to Follow you today @dhenz after you putting your wallet into Steem I want to follow Winners that are committed to Steem..

With all the interest in attracting investors, someone should be interviewing you. @TimCliff has a movement coming right up to attract people like you. You could probably give him some good ideas...

I appreciate you looking out. @themarkymark and I did an interview but really it turned into us just having a good conversation. I am open to helping the platform and spread the good word anyway I can.

Thanks for the shoutout buddy, didn't even see that.

My pleasure bud.

Wow, you are all in! Onwards and upwards!

Steemit already has so much registred people its above a Million right now so the community is very strong (250k active users).
When Steemit becomes like Facebook what do you think will happen with the price of Steem?
In my opinion your choice was wise, and you will certainly not regret it Dan :)

The consistent growth of Steemit is a nice sign for sure.

Price might rise with the interest for sure. So great idea Dan, that you invested nowadays when STEEM is below a dollar!

This might be the last time we see Steem below a dollar.

It might but I don't think so, more likely it will go up and down as every crypto.

@sadkitten is countering 50% of @amahovac93 self-votes for 1 week starting Friday, August 31st 2018 because it is part of last weeks top self-voters. For more details see this post.

250k active users? I think it’s a lot less than that right now. However, your point still stands, it’s a worthy investment in my opinion as well :)

This was posted 2018.02.26

That chart is only about accounts that have been active at least once. Doe's not reflect active daily users.

i was about to say that :P

@sadkitten is countering 50% of @amahovac93 self-votes for 1 week starting Friday, August 31st 2018 because it is part of last weeks top self-voters. For more details see this post.

probably another few years.

reading this article just increased my hope and faith in steem

Hello, Dan @dhenz

I'm an Egyptian poet/thinker & sitting up straight/paying attention after having discovered your Dtube channel. Thanks, for the helpful, accessible breakdown of why Block chain is the future.

Following you and look forward to learning more. If you'd care to learn more about my work on Steemit and beyond, here's a short profile:

Interview with @Yahialababidi: Master of Aphorisms!

I think we are just getting started and there is a lot more to come. I have been here for a year and im beyond thankful to have an income for my little family. I am trying to save steem as much as i can to see a big rise coming. patience is the key to success

I see you have a lot of steem, why not convert to steem power?

Because I’m saving it for my house purchase this end of year

Patience, enjoying the process and not being attached to an outcome. :)

I think this could pay off huge for you! "Skate to where the puck is going." one of my favorite quotes from Gretzky. Keep on Steeming on.

The all seeing Saturn eye as a profile pic? ;)

Awesome post ! I think one of the greatest asset if you invest is to know the history of economics and how fast things can change. As you bring up with blockbusters, it was one of those companies that seemed too big to fail, and before you know it they are left behind in the dust.

Technology develops at an amazing pace, and it just keeps getting faster, so underestimating decentralized blockchain technology will be devastating to a lot of companies.

In my eyes, having discovered this platform at such an early stage, is like being handed the best possible poker hand you can get, and all the other projects being launched on here are like river cards making your hand even stronger.

It’s hard not to go all in when presented with opportunity of a life time!

I agree, but is this still the early stage of this platform?

Well considering only around 5 K are using it daily I definitely think so

Some people are dealt aces and some people are dealt 72o. It's not so much what you're dealt but how you play your hand. Although it's never bad to be hodling aces ;)

that saying is based on bluffing. i dont want to lie to get to where i need to go. , besides life isnt a pokergame.

That is your perceptive, to me life closely resembles a game and I treat it as such. No one here can say what life is or isn't. And bluffing isn't lying it is against the rules to tell your opponent what you have, you are simply implying you have a big hand when you bet.

fair enough. i just wanted to say that . my win shouldnt mean that someone else has to lose. anyway i still have so much to learn. i may be wrong. cheers. have a nice day!

250K I call "All henz on deck"

I think your right about that. The world has gone far too pc at this stage with people afraid to speak the truth for fear of the cosequences. I can only laugh as the main social media sited get tighter and tiger on what you are allowed to do and say. Do they not realise that this is what will ultimately destroy them?

People hate to be controlled and in this day and age when information is so freely available it is much harder to keep them quiet. If people are unhappy with a service they won't be slow to find a better option. As the gap between rich and poor increases why wouldn't you spend your time on the sites where you can get a return rather than letting a handful of people billions.

In my eyes this can only go one way as people see more and more behind the bullshit of the big corporations and politicians. They more they say no, the more we say yes.

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Some people die a thousand deaths while still breathing. The very essence of decentralization is to give free and equal opportunity to all, and for everyone to have a voice. Nothing is perfect but we have a great starting point. And sometimes it is go through hard times so we can all learn what works and doesn't work and grow stronger from the knowledge gained.

We are in the right place at the moment anyway. The amount of development that I have seen from a small community in the past few months is nothing short of amazing. There are so many brilliant minds on the site working towards a common goal and I expect many more to join us here.

People are sick of being lied to and robbed by the 1 per cent. Decentralisation gives people a chance to take back the power and to have a better opportunity in life. Of course it's not perfect, there is no such thing as perfect but I think it's a damn sight better than the alternative that's out there. The next few years should be very interesting to watch and see if it can gain proper momentum.

Momentum is hugely important in any aspect of life as one it gets going it takes on a life of its own. That's why there is so much bad press being spread at the moment to stop any momentum from beginning and gather up people and money from the old system. Once people start moving in numbers nothing will stop the tide.

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I'm confident in Steem... I just need to STACK some more!

Stacking is what you do bro 💪🏻

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Hello Dan,
I want to first thank you for believing in steem. I agree with you that it is the best that the WWW has to offer at this point.

There are a few things I would like to ask you.

One is how do you think we can overcome the giant stake controlled by @freedom and the multiple accounts owned by steemit inc?

I cant seem to find one person who has an answer to this question. It seems to me that until that account and steemit inc stake are diversified the platform is centralized in a big way.

Pretty much @freedom controls who the top 20 witnesses are. I think a better system would not allow the same 20 to be in constant power?

Second question how do you feel about plagiarism, spam, phishing, and other types of abuse on steemit platforms?

If you do care would you join us @steemflagrewards to help clean up the the garbage on the seas of steemit. https://discord.gg/Rd2pjBM

Steem is the future , hodl on wise decisions we just getting started man . Best believe that .

If I could afford 250k steems I may just be able to live off of it. I see its potential just like you and I'll see how far i can get into this platform.

What a great post! You bought just at the right time. I wish I had money to invest on this platform! Good luck to you...

the ability to pay your favorite content creator without actually having to pay out of your own pocket is a paradigm shift.

That’s s true and that’s one of the reasons people got here in first place. Of course, there are exceptions who say “they are not here for money, they are here for the same reason as being in Facewhat”, in other words just to chat. For me, it’s the huge motivation for getting rewarded. It’s true that in what I do as my business, I can earn it within few minutes if not seconds. However, it’s also true that this feeling about my comment being rewarded in any way is what motivates me, is what gives mi assurance of steemit as the platform of the future. I’m definitely here to stay.
BTW: I just voted for @guiltyparties

Not only do you give but when you give on Steem via upvote you get money in return. Such a great setup. - Nice, Guiltyparties is a great witness, good choice!

The blockchain is just a better version of the internet, fast cheaper and more reliable.

That's one of the best descriptions of the blockchain that I've read by now. Regarding your decision to buy 250,000 Steem I can only say it's huge for me and it's definitely a sign of faith in the platform, faith in yourself as a blogger and active user on Steemit and faith in Steem, the token, as a financial investment. Plus, I can't even imagine how much is worth one upvote of yours, but the ones getting it will definitely thank you. As a personal opinion regarding your investment, which I will say again that for me is huge even at the current price, I will definitely use that Steem Power to manual curate rather than delegating to bid bots. I don't hate them, but I am not a fan either. I grew my account better without them than when I used them and probably that's why I am biased towards not using them.
Funny thing that just yesterday I was scrolling through the witness list and wondered to whom should I give my next vote as I still have 21 left and now I know. @guiltyparties will get it. You don't find people eager to help that much nowadays.
Keep up with the good work!

Thanks for the insight, and grats on your journey so far! Guiltyparties is a very good witness, nice choice!

Thanks for the well written post!

This place has a pretty steep learning curve, but it is well worth it to avoid centralized censorship, content filtering, and shadow banning. I recently authored a post to help onboard new users too, and I manually go through introduceyourself "new" and "trending" posts to welcome promising people to the blockchain.

There's no way to be sure what will happen in the future, but I know for a fact that decentralized social media will play a large role. Without it the truth will be kept hidden, and our individual liberties will continue to be attacked. Places like this are part of an active defense, and I'm proud to be among so many friends in the same fight for individual liberty!

P.S. I see your post's bottom image as a broken link. Please check it?

I believe money, exchanges and social media are the first up to go decentralized - the rest that benefits from decentralizing will follow soon after. Not sure how to fix the picture it shows up when I look, :/

It is working for me now. :)

I think you made a good investment long term and the right to buy.

Well done and keep steeming.

I totally agree with you @dhenz, I really feel a sense of freedom posting something on steemit than when I post something on facebook. The truth will always find it's way out, no matter how anyone tries to hide it.

And those that hide it can't hide themselves, everything comes to the surface.

And those that hide it
Can't hide themselves, everything
Comes to the surface.

                 - dhenz

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

haha this is awesome!

Great to see you back at it, one of my favorite YouTubers when you were active. My only concern with STEEM is with its learning curve and focus on back-end progress over front-end I fear it may face some serious competition in the future from EOS, Dan already said he is planning on launching a Steemit 2.0 on EOS. Time will tell, regardless it's nice to see you active again dude, keep posting.

Dan will take how long to launch that? is EOS even a thing yet or still an idea? I tried to login and cannot. Tried to mine it and told not if in U.S. or Canada sorry... Steemit has nothing to worry about in EOS, Microsoft with Azure and many other cryptos are already doing what EOS wants to do. Steemit as an investment over platform is still far ahead of EOS and as for the platform HF20 is within 30 days and SMT's within 6 months ! we should se good gains for those powering up in this dip!

You make some great points, this has had a lot of steem it enthusiasts scared. Honestly Ethereum is the only smart contract platform I find compelling with niche right now.

Lol. read till the very end. Very inspiring post. Definitly worth a upvote and a follow! Will too have your back :)!

That is strong faith you are putting on to Steem my friend! I agree it is probably one of the best time accumulate right now but 250k is absolutely in another league. I hope we all succeed on this awesome platform. Steem on!

Good read man. Usually I feel like this sort of topic is a big circle jerk but yours seems refreshing.

This doesn’t feel like the same song and dance I’ve seen for two years.

You’ve earned a follower.

In my opinion and since I have so much faith to the potential of Steemit / Steem it was the right call on the right time. Steem needs time to mature , to grow and according to THE guy here...we are not the early adopters BUT the lunatics. Early adopters will follow after us...

We are the ones crazy enough to think we can change the world ;)

Very well said @dhenz. I completely agree with your point of view. Steem has been a godsend for me and has honestly altered the direction of my life. Steem is just too good to be spending time anywhere else.

So far I’ve been able to travel to Vegas for the Steem Creators Conference, and am going to be attending the next one in Toronto next month. I tell people about Steem but a lot of them keep on using the other platforms that continue to sell their data and don’t pay them for their content.

I applaud you on scooping up so much Steem while the price is down. Thanks for the quality post and see you around 👋🏻


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It is very cool hearing all the opportunities Steem has unlocked for people, cheers!

Hey @dhenz wow full on about your account being hacked hey good job to the witness getting it back for you. I just came across your page from Twitter as a few steemit mates had liked you up. Did you have 250k steem when you got hacked

I lost 11k steem in the hack, was in the middle of my DCA (dollar cost avg) and ended up getting made and buying a bunch more :)

welcome.. this is a massive way to enter our great platform

Fantastic. Glad to have you on board brother. I agree this train will eventually hit the moon and anybody not on it will be left behind. I only wish I had more to put in.

I loved this quote.

The thing about this big centralized business is they have so much overhead; they merely implode once a better technology that undercuts their business model.

So I assume are you're looking to become a whale (500K Steem) when you said you just got started?

I'm really glad you joined Steemit. Not only have you invested a lot but you bring a lot of knowledge about the crypto world and I like your enthusiasm and insights.


...and you're a dragonball fan

...voted for @guiltyparties just now

I have no target to the amount I will get, I just know I will be spending more focus here.

This place turns into something much more than just a content creation platform; people have each other's backs here.

this is the crux for me! it's more than a social media network... it's a community. i'm really (literally) impressed by your actions and investment. wow! thank you. i don't have any free fiat otherwise i'd buy in some based on what i could spare, but i fully approve!! thanks!

Very smart and Im excited about your articles in the future!

  • followed for sure & upvoted

Great article, i totally agree. Now is the time to accumulate as much as you can and the haters will be sorry in the future.

Someday, that will turn out to be a terrific decision. Nice to see a big time believer.

I believe so as well, but if it isn't, it was a terrific decision now, because being alive now and able to type this reply is the only thing that matters. Cheers.

Indeed. I like the way you think. Need some of your positive energy around me. Regards

Thanks for a nice post and it's great that you have the same faith many of us do in the future of Steem. Lots of potential here. We're just getting started!

Only two years in for the Steem blockchain and so much has already been developed, exciting times.

I've been mindblown by Steem myself well over 2 years now. There's still much to be done though. Welcome onboard @dhenz! Glad to have you here.

Wow, you're a Steemit OG. Ty for the warm welcome!

Pleasure @dhenz, it's definitely been a journey. I've just started running as witness and I'm only focused on both Steem and Tau as part of my personal investment thesis. Like in every sense. Please do check out my recent posts and ask me anything. Sorry for the shameless plug lol, but my stuff does take a bit of time to dig into as I'm just hyperfocused on fundamentals. Maybe we'll find a greater way to relate in this game.

Reading about Tauchain now on your blog.

Awesome :) Hope you'll see how well it'll play out with Steem as an application on it.

Yes, it is very interesting. I am a tech noob but trying to learn haha.

Nice. I am taking the longer more scenic broke route but hope to one day be there with you. It amazes me how few really see what is possible here. It makes me smile to see when most are panicking you are snatching up the coins they cash at bargain prices. Shame this can't be stickied so everyone can see not everyone is panicking and all down on the chain or this front end.

Thats a lot of steem man!

Stoked to have you here. Steem is going places and it’s easier to get rich off of that now when it’s low than when people figure out just how much we have going on here.

I bought some last year at 4$ thinking it was a steal! I'm grabbing Steem with both hands during this dip.

smart choice. wish I had the fiat to do this too. But for now, I still try to leverage by posting consistently 😄.

Gotta grind to shine sometimes haha - grind long enough life throws an opportunity, just a matter of who is ready when the time comes.

Great quote from you @dhenz. Can I use it on my facebook page to memorize them? Hahaha!!!

Of course, they are not my words, I merely borrowed them from the ether ;)

Keep loading up here...Steem or something else will win, it’s a no brainer.

Totally agree with you it may not seem like the site is making that much of an impact at the moment because of he price and the other teething problems but steem is still finding its feet and I have to say the community is one of the most helpful and bullish I’ve ever encountered! I’m really enjoying the platform and I would even say it’s my favourite I’ve given up using traditional social media and I’m not looking back! It’s great to see people like you making such big commitments to the platform and I’m sure with witnesses and content creators we all contribute in our own ways to the growth and success of the platform which to me is very exciting

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Ya I feel the same, we're all going to the same moon!

Yes my friend you are 100% accurate, Steemit has an opportunity that is literally being handed to them on a silver platter. A chance to combine youtube, facebook, instagram, twitter, twitch, medium, cnn, etc. EVERYTHING. I am on board and I started from the bottom. Let's see where we go.

This is bottom of the third in the crypto game, strap on the seatbelts.

Batter up!

Our data being ours is exactly what attracted me to this platform, I just wish I had heard about it sooner. I apparently wasn't reading the right things. I can't think of a better currency to invest in than one based on the value created by the users content.

I don't think Reddit has a chance long term and I think you are spot on about both Reddit and Facebook becoming the next Blockbuster some day.

I too wish I found out sooner but no better time than the present. :)

Highly rEsteemed!

Bacon Steems.png

Motivational as hell! Steemit is addictive and decentralization is the future! Cheers!

This is smart, but also bold. I suppose Steem is one of the best bets you can make when it comes to a new crypto rally. After all, it is actually providing value already. I just wonder whether it will make the cut in its current shape, with a lot of shitty content and continuing centralization of Steem.

However, it needs people like you who lead the wave. I've also been buying Steem, but not at that scale ;-)

Did you buy all at once or smaller tranches? On which exchange? Was it "difficult" to buy that much?

Posted using Partiko Android

Took me about two weeks to buy from exchanges.

Well stated! The mind-shift of users is coming and it will change the balance of social media. Steemit is in an early position for success.

Thank you for your major contribution to support this platform.

The idea of decentralized social media is still new to me but intrigues/peaks my interest at the same time. Certainly done with Facebook/others wondering if block-chain can stand the test of time. Great article! 👍

That’s sick dude!!!! 250k and stacki!!

I hope more people show the guts you have and follow suit. Not sure what you are looking to do with your monster stake but if you like to laugh, I do a daily post called "What's so funny?" that highlights 10 - 15 short form humor posts. They are all hand curated so if you are looking to support original content, check it out. If that isn't your thing, that is cool. Just happy to have another active person with a significant stake encouraging people.

Thanks, I will check out your blog.

That is very cool of you. If you can, check out the posts I list there. Many of those people are the ones who really need to be encouraged. I was renting SP and using it to encourage them, but the guy I was leasing from got out of the delegation business. I do have a trail that follows me that has some decent SP, but the main one, @steemwizards, is also losing the delegation in a few weeks (temporarily I hope).

Anyway it was very cool of you to respond. I don't like to be "that guy" and bother people in their comments. But you seem to really want to support people here so I hoped you'd be cool about it. And you were!

Thanks man.

The old paradigms are fading, the tides are shifting, the archaic generations are slipping, the new paradigms are coming. The revolution is now, we are part of it, with cryptos and decentralization. What P2P brought to files sharing, cryptos are bringing to world economies. Steem is part of this revolution, it will be a matter of a few years before it's truly recognized for its massive potential. Those who are still tied to the old ways will miss the train and bite their fingers later.

Very well said.

ability to pay your favorite content creator without actually having to pay out of your own pocket is a paradigm shift


Gave your witness my last vote, good luck:=)

Im sure your investment will pay off big time in the near future @dhenz

250k in Steem? That's insane man, nice

I also think like that.
invest in steem and expect STEEM prices to soar. and I can sell it for wedding expenses.Lol

That's big investment...

Go big or go home!

Wow! Very impressive! I had to look at your wallet just to verify. Even after that I still had to look for the transfers which were in fact there. lol Hopefully you can help lead this platform forward and help make yourself and others of us rich.

More importantly, I want to know how on earth does anyone have that much extra money laying around to invest over 200k? #unrelatable #goal #imbroke #steemitisawesome

Last year I was eating out of tuna cans, and then I had the right mindset at the right time and was extremely lucky. I went all in on crypto, picked some coins that more than 100x'd and here I am today. It's not about relating to at anyone else's life, it is about enjoying the process unattached to an outcome. I have the same mindset and same quality of life I had when I had 25 bucks in my bank account. Cheers.

Cool. I didn't know that. All respect over here, bro!
I'm actually in the same circumstance rn and I'm planning to go all in on crypto as well. Wish me luck

GL on your trades mate!

Thanks for the kind reply!