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RE: On giving the gift of steemit to your friends and colleagues.

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I tend to only invite those I know who could excel on the platform, writers artists, artisans, nerds and gamers. People who have something to contribute. Otherwise they’re just using up my bandwidth for memes and terrible posts.


I believe it's good to priorities quality and creativity.
Some memes are ok, but damn there's a lot lately. Still preferred over the copy pasta however.

Well that’s what I mean, like a really funny and relevant meme won’t go unnoticed, but when people multi-post the same thing every single day and make 3x as much as I would make on something I put a lot of effort into seems essentially undermining to the system and it’s good to see that behaviour is being singled out and expunged.

Some abuses are managed by the community, but many of the worst voting rings get away with it because they are so big and fight back.
You really have to sacrifice everything and hope to make a difference.