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RE: Steemit Is A Waste Of Time

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yeah tell me about it, i've got like almost 5,500 comments and still no $100 post (...jk, i have zero post), but hey you're right the $1 SBD and $1 Steem I earned when I first got here oday, i do need to learn not to give it all away.... damn you Comedy Open Mic!

I don't think it is a waste of time if you have something to say. If you like the community and if you like being a content creator.

this is 99% truth for content creators of all types here (excluding the investors who just plock down 1 million and rent to bots...but that's no different from buying a franchise that pays 30-40% pa), for the vast majority, you have to find you niche and your tribe here aka community, no escape from that

still this is much easier and lower barrier of entry than many real life efforts, or even setting up your own blog, or even wordpress, or even your own monetize google, youtube, twitter, instagram.......not easy fast money, but it is way-way easier


You do a lot for the platform and that says a lot. It'll come back to you! I have had monetized accounts and I have made more off Steemit than any of those. Although I've put more time into this. lol
The bots thing is interesting and there are some people making good money doing it. I would rather spend my time writing a few extra blogs that day. That's just me. To each their own.
Thanks for all the support @dj123. I really appreciate it.

i think it soaks up more time because of the engagement, it's real people, making it a real network, how social it is or not, well that depends on the individual, but i have to admit if not for chat tools like discord, it would be somewhat less engaging

That is true. Discord is nice, but I'm still getting used to it. You're right though, meaningful interactions take a lot longer. At least the almost no trolling helps. lol

lol you should use the voice function in discord it's popular with the real Comedy Open Mic kinds like Bryan (Butty), Amir, just chat, it's like being in the same room as all of them....go try it

The major issue with me is that your posts can never, ever make money after the first time you are awarded your steem money for each one. It's a one-time earning.
After that, your post is solely making money for the steemit owner, attracting traffic to their product. ( except for the case if you leave links to your own personal site, and you gain traffic that way )

Then become a Steem owner, get as much Steem Power as you can as Steem grow from $1.5 to $15 over the next 12 months (which I think realistically can happen), evergreen is the concept you're after. This can be implemented on the Web interface level, it does not have to be implemented at the blockchain level.

Good to see you commenting again, you've been gone for a long time, do share, I'm sure there is a greater userbase to day looking to listen to your ideas.