Celebrating 3350 Followers & 4 Months on Steemit & DTube + 3 Secrets to Success on Steemit [DTube Exclusive]

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Today's video was the toughest to make by far. Executing the script and finding all the files/music/videos to make it all fit in. It was worth it though. Today I share with you the ultimate celebration.

Today I will take you through a b-roll journey like you've never seen before. Celebrating 3350 Followers and 4 Months on Steemit & @dtube, I will now attempt to connect all of my intro's that I've made for my various locations. Each of these intros took a lot of time, planning and effort to make, but looking back - it was well worth it. I just want to thank everyone that has been part of this journey with me. It has been amazing. So cheers to those who cheer us on and give us a fighting chance to live our dreams out on the steem blockchain.

Everyone I thank here deserves a follow and your support (in no particular order of importance - you're all incredible important to me and the entire steem eco-system). Cheers my friends. Cheers.

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I'm sure I'm missing a million people more that I will add over the course of the next few hours!

Love you guys! Keep on believing! All things are possible!

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*** CLICK PICTURE TO WATCH - If you want to get through the video in record time, set your playback speed to 1.25x or 1.5x ***

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My goal here is to share relevant news, tips, and any other helpful information to you. We cover anything and everything in the cryptocurrency, including the @dtube and steemit realm.
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Disclaimer: This is NOT financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. Please do your due diligence and research in every topic. Never invest your bread money. Take care of yourself & family first. Don’t always follow the herd, follow your heart.

Thanks again, I’ll see you guys next time here on D-News on @dtube and remember to keep it D-centralized!

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Awesome Ending!
Don't follow the herd, follow your heart!
I know a saying about the herd:
"If you follow the herd you always look at fat asses and you always step into shit!"

Thanks for your advice! I got them all, but I didn't understand the second one accustically. Did you say canon ball?!
Stay Steemed
Love, Unity & Abundance

Nice effects. You are all over the place with these scenes lol. Looks like you might have gained some weight from the thumbnail though. You explained tip 3 really good about being positive and people will notice. I believe thats true, and even if people don't God does. 😀

haha it was fun to make :) it was tough, but when it all came together, it's really rewarding :) hahaha - did you see the ending when I tried to teleport?

Yes! God notices everything.

Thank you for those tips, "kabayan" yes, I will stay positive and always try my best here and turn my goals into a habit. I am always fascinated with your videos and congrats for having such followers in just a few months. God bless and more Steem Power to you,sir!

@dnews ... bro ... you’re the man! So glad to have you in my life. Who’d have thought that joining Steem would bring us together. Kudos to you my friend. Have an amazing day 😉


I only have 2 words to say to that, bro. "Stay Awesome."

See you in Sept! Hahahaha - every comment/reply we will be thinking about when we can finally meet!

Wow, just four months and you have achieved such feat on steemit, that's unbelievable! Please I'm a minnow just starting out and it's quite difficult to get support here. What advice can you give to me that will make steemians visit my blog and support. Posts are quite informative but hardly get support. I've read lots of post with very little or no meaning having tons of quality upvotes. What can I do to get a little bit of such support? I really want to build my sp

Posted daily on various channels. Just never give up. Continue to focus on adding value vs being success. Connect and network. Give it your all and leave the rest to destiny. All the best

Thanks. I greatly appreciate your response

Definitely! :)

I'm grateful brother!geez there goes my name amidst whales.thanks!it's a great pleasure knowing you @dnews .n I left you with a dm on discord,I'd be happy if you can reply that!Thanks brother!

Dude...whats up with the thumbnail. You trying to be Thanos?

I remember when we've started here and when we first meet etc... Can't imagine that it is already 4 months and soon will be 5 for me here on STEEM :D Still building my account and try to spread a good karma around :)

Good Luck BRO!

Holy b-roll Jesus that was awesome!! Your editing and camera work is bananas - love it ! Thanks for the shout out brother - watching your videos and seeing your efforts manifest into what it has is part of the reason I've stuck around. Thank you for continuing to inspire us. All the best. E.

Hey vince ! Thank you for all the nice time here on steem with you: the number one entertainer and teacher ! You are so freaking inspiring with every video you are making. Just awsome. Thank you also for your tips and all the crazy broll-stuff :D

Keep steeming and smiling !

Hey Vince @DNews this is an incredible honour to discover your post by noticing that you mentioned me on it. Just went through the video and the best part was the tips at the end, very encouraging. But I'm also grateful for learning from the contrasts at the beginning. You definitively deserve what you have created and way more. And I'm grateful for being able to reach out to you whenever I'd need to... aka being in touch with you.

Thanks a lot, keep it real and...



PS: kudos for the audio, it's top grade.

Super slick mate. That was a great idea for the film. It is so great being on this journey but it is also great seeing others growing and becoming so much more on their journeys. You look a bit like David Hasselhoff on the thumbnail lol

That was freaking awesome haha.
As amazing as it was, initially, I found it quite overwhelming, as far as your finished product, but the further in it went, the more I recognised, and realised, that there were so many things in there, that I could actually start doing right now, and ideas for what to work on.
Vince, that was a a masterpiece :)
Master Peace.

Great cut with the 2nd broll in sinc with the key in the ignition sound. Hahaha the glitches trying to teleport, nice touch. Great post man! This is my favorite film advice video yet! 1) 100% 2) 100% 3) 100%!
If I could upvote 300% I would.

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