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RE: fundamental question for steemit 1, SNS based on the Rewards ?

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The main difference is that where there is money people want to make money.
The same people are at the top of their earnings and people with the minuses are doomed to the same thing - it's a paradox.
Part of the social network has to be separated, the part of the witnesses that everyone votes and every user has one vote as in democracy in order to remove the monopoly of money, a fair system of remuneration should be created for investors and bloggers.

Steemit is a business social network and this is where the logic of business and social network mix, there is no real freedom all based on the power play of the business lobby groups.
We should give everyone a chance to write, to educate themselves to become a good blogger and not to be a spammer, to invest and prosper, but without a downvote and a blacklist.


thank you for your comment.
mostly, I agree with you, especially on the one vote one time not for 30 times

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