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RE: The only Important thing right now: Is the Steemit Stake Private Property?

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He said he didn't know about 'dpos' and 'ned' and Steemit trusstee ship.
That spunds like a legal position a lot more than ignorance.

Basically— lol that’s what he said “I don’t know none of this until you guys froze my stake. basically”

Ned is in trouble for sure.

Sun said exactly what I’ve been telling everyone— he’s only here to make money and doesn’t really care about the community etc.

I believe it was a bit unprofessional to ask when he plans to exit since we can all wait for the pump. But I’m now worried since it’s obvious he wants out and legally I think he Can dump on us— after 13 weeks of course. Regulators will likely take his side to that degree if he decides to sell what he purchased on the open market. That currently is my only fear, the fact that he possibly went from classic long-term pump plan to straight up pump and dump this ‘B’ 😒

It’s not over that’s for sure, the witnesses need to hold strong and we need to onboard more troops. The crypto community will eventually see Steem has the strongest decentralized blockchain governance structure and likely jump onboard. Then we win.

Also, I think they accidentally fixed our over supply issue; wouldn’t be surprised if Steem starts mooning with the sudden tank in liquid supply on exchanges.


I also think we can still win.

But instead of on the blockchain, lets freeze it in the courts, lol.

We have the correct and righteous legal opinion. I think he will help us if we take him seriously.

If he wants to sue Ned for misleading him, cool, let's help him. We don't know what Ned told him. So let's trust him and help him discover the truth.

Yeah, if we combine forces against the real enemy (Ned 😅) there’s a huge up side to this whole debacle

Best way to find unity: a common enemy

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