Poloniex Now Allows STEEM Deposits And Withdrawals, Price Consistent Across Exchanges

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If you already know about that, sorry, but I've been away from Steemit for the last few days - and even before that I wasn't checking on Poloniex that often. Fact is STEEM transfers in and out @poloniex are now available and the price of our beloved cryptocurrency is now consistent between @poloniex and @bittrex.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 9.42.40 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 9.42.43 PM.png

I don't want you to trade based on other people assumptions, or hunches, so I kindly advise you not to do any trade based on what I will say, but my gut feeling is that the market is preparing for a bounce.

Cumulated volume is almost 150 BTC, around $600.000, extremely low compared with the highs we've seen back in June. For the last few days the trend was slightly down, but mostly range.

And yet, my hunch is that something is going on.

The only thing missing from this setup is some big news coming up. I wonder if it will be a development news (the launch of a new feature, for instance), a political news (some regulation / de-regulation stuff) or just an overall feeling of enthusiasm.

Again, don't trade based on other people feelings. I won't do anything either, I will just grab some popcorn and watch.

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I've noticed that Steem is back up and running with Polo. I would have thought we'd see a little bump in price with the Polo numbers rising to meet the going market rate, but we didn't get it. I was hoping people would get their Steem off Polo and power it up, but it seems it's just been flowing to Bittrex, which is fine, as long as they get it off Polo.

but the question remain the same for how much time it will remain open haha i hope they don't close just in the name of saying maintenance

Me too, I am on a "popcorn eating and watching" mood

Nice to see you again, I had to unfollow some crazy writers!

I want to know steem exchange.

Looks like we share hunches too. Or are we just the faithful believers? :))

I am keeping my SBD and waiting for a bounce. It will happen, one day or another.

@dragosroua - Nice explanation Sir. Market seems about to bounce back :) I feel the same Sir. Love it <3 :*

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