Poloniex Steem Wallet Hacked?

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I hate to write titles like this one, but it seems I have no other option.


  • yesterday I sent 20 STEEM to @poloniex, they received it ok, as you can see from the screenshot below

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 5.10.48 PM.png

  • half an hour after I sent it (and still not seeing it in my account) I opened a ticket:

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 5.13.43 PM.png

  • at the moment of writing, the ticket is still in "Processing" state, so I got no reply in almost 24 hours.

I don't want to be the guy who brings bad news, but I saw that they are still getting a lot of funds sent. So, it's not a question about the size of the transaction, but rather about the actual situation. IF the wallet has been hacked, then innocent people are sending their funds to the wrong place.

I'd be very, very happy if someone from @poloniex could answer me to the following questions:

  • is this an isolated event? if yes, what is the link between the affected users (I saw at least 4 other people inquiring)?
  • if the wallet was compromised, is there any concern for @poloniex user accounts (their accounts are secure)?
  • if it was not compromised, what the fuck is going on?

I have no other choice but to strongly recommend to all of my followers, not only as a Steemian, but also as a witness, to avoid completely @poloniex until we get an official word from them.

Resteeming this may help them answer faster.

Still hope this is just temporary and might be just a communication glitch, but from the looks of it, it isn't.

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Thanks for the warning.

I usually send a small tester amount to make sure things are working ok, before sending a decent chunk.

This stuff still makes me nervous. As soon as i have done my exchange i shift everything off the exchange and into my wallet.

I hope it is secure there, but I don't really know. So far I haven't lost any money, but I probably will at some point.

The crypto world is just like the real world in that respect.

God I hope it's not hacked :(

I am moving out of poloniex already. This has been resteemed to all my followers.

that is in reality traumatic me. I truly wish that this isn't a hack and that their bot/node is currently offline. even though it's miles a hack, i am hoping that the entire website hasn't been compromised, too many humans have high volumes of crypto there.

Don't worry, it's probably isn't a hack... happened before and they returned my money... after a loooooong wait. well, I like thier low fees so I discovered a way to move money indirectly


This is strange, I sent some steem from @poloniex to my account about 1.5 hour ago and still pending.

Still waiting :(

I used to be a user of poloniex, but lost a lot of my mind:). Anyway bittrex is far better in my opinion. Hope your problem get resolved.

A big "minus" of big exchanges is their lingering support.

well i also sent some sbd & steem to poloniex but don't able to receive any amount until now, i also open a support ticket but as usual no reply received from them, i think it's time to completely leave the poloniex. thanks for sharing your experience with us.

The time to end business with poloniex is right now, resteeming to my followers asap

I don't know why people still use poloniex

I chose not to go with Poloniex because of the stories. Went with Bittrex instead.

Gosh, this is really worrying me. I really hope that this isn't a hack and that their bot/node is currently offline. Even if it is a hack, I hope that the entire website hasn't been compromised, too many people have high volumes of crypto there.

I hope that the entire website hasn't been compromised,

That's my main concern at the moment.

This is horrible! Hopefully it's just a glitch or something.

Use Bitshares DEX for trading Steem and your funds will be safe.

Yesterday the same thing happened with my SBD , I disappeared and I doubt they will return. Evil on @poloniex

They are bloody thieves, i lost 50 steem of my friend who just happens to make his first cash out from Steemit, checking the memo issued to me;i noticed that same memo had been issued for me before and several others....50 steem gone and i have to Refund this man!

I've seen nothing but complaints of Steem and SBD on Polo. I'm starting to see some comlaints surface about bittrex as well so may try and consolidate my funds and pull them off there as well.

I have a ticket still processing for months... they are very slow in this regard:

at the moment of writing, the ticket is still in "Processing" state, so I got no reply in almost 24 hours.

There was even a contest to see the longest open ticket on that website...

Once I transferred 60 SBD to them... they put a message that they have problems with SBD wallet just few hours after.... The money returned to me BUT AFTER TWO MONTHS OF WAITING!!

There's a trick I discovered earlier today that can convert your SBD top poloniex (as Dash, Doge or LTC) by using @blocktrades... I'm thinking of writing a post about it but not sure...

Day by day I lose trust in crypto exchanges...

It's not possible that I lost 170 Steem ... I sent money from my poor power down there, I sent a message to the support, nobody says anything and that expectation leaves me very distressed. For many 170 Steem is nothing, but for me it is very valuable :(

I sent Steem to Poloniex 12 hours ago and it's not even showing as pending... I'm definitely concerned.

Open ledger is even worse. They are under maintenance for two days. Decentralised exchange. Bla, bla, bla. They are all the same. When people want to make some good trades they put they coins on hold.

This is epic and makes the belly rub scam tiny. There are millions held hostage by poloniex. Seriously millions.

You are not alone in this problem. I sent 10 yesterday and 5 today and nothing, they are somewhere in between, going like a snail

At this junction am parting ways with poloniex & surely resteeming to my followers to avoid further victims. Thanks for alerting us all @dragosroua

I have the same problem with sending of about 10 SBD.
I also opened a ticket.
We have to be patient. Thansk for your post, as I'm not feeling alone with my little problem.

Write as many posts as you can to let others know. They are sitting on millions. Steemit needs to intervene and shut down the account and refund everyone their money. It can be done.

good post ... upvote my post

Really fantastic post...thanks..

There are pending transactions from last night coming from our members.

My 21sbd also are stock, and still waiting on it.. I dont know what happen to poloniex.

i doubt they are hacked, they just act like this with customers this days. hence why i moved out all my mone yfrom them in may of this year if i recall

i too sent it 2 days back still not received i am glad that i only sent 1 sbd otherwise i could have missed this golden opportunity lol

I don't know if you read my comment few days ago, but I talked about a trick to put your STEEM into Poloniex indirectly, I finally got to write a post about it: https://steemit.com/poloniex/@ahmadmanga/my-trick-to-deposit-my-steem-sbd-on-poloniex-when-they-have-maintaince