STEEM Rewards Fund At All Time High

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According to, STEEM rewards fund is now over 750,000 STEEM, or, to be exact: 753,094 STEEM.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 12.23.57 PM.png

It's the highest value that I know of, ever since I started to track this (more or less empirically, as I don't have a specific alert on these values).

This is most likely due to the declining price of STEEM which discouraged some of the platform users to interact. As usual, my reaction to this is: thank you, guys, more for us.

In gentler words: if the reward pool is bigger, even during times of distress, the results of our interaction with the platform will be more - well, how should I put this - oh, rewarding.

Steem on!

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Dragos Roua

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Oh, lots of rewards for those who keep posting then! What a great opportunity to invest your spare time on Steemit ;)

Its just the beginning there is more to come

It seems i need to get active more and even write my intrro post!

Thanks for this tool which i am going to check out.

I agree.. this is the best time to interact more...

In gentler words: if the reward pool is bigger, even during times of distress, the results of our interaction with the platform will be more - well, how should I put this - oh, rewarding.

I wish it felt like this but somehow it just doesn't! In terms of SBD/SP rewards perhaps, but the eye is always drawn to that declining $ figure.

We're accumulating shares in a company, and not necessarily instant gratification tokens. If you shift your perception like this, you will see these so called "bad times" as the most "rich" in terms of ROI.

Another reason why we'd be better off without SBD!

@dragosroua thanks for the info! Do you know if there is a plot of this over time? Would be nice to see how it evolves over time :)

This is the begining of a new era, When the people who left using steemit in the days of FUD know about it, they are definitely gonna return soon.

I hope you are right. It would be nice to see some extra activity around here soon.

oh yeah, I also want to see steemit in alexa rating below 1000

This is something we all want to see ;) Hopefully we get back there soon!

Yeah, but the prices are so low...

Come for money, stay for the community.

We ain't go no where in this hot red season.

More steem being created in order to back up sbd the pump and dump game of sbd really messed up the algorithms of steemit

In glad with those that still believe in the beauty of steemit despite the fall in the price... We will surely win together.

This is perfect for a lot of us to build up as much Steem Power as we can!
Till i will reach 1000 SP i will keep on powering up as i do belive on the long run Steem Power will be Financial Freedom!
All we have to do is Steem On!😉

During the Last Couple of Weeks you would have Thought that everyone was just going to Quit Steemit and Never come Back. In fact a few of my postings did not even get up to a 50 Cent Payout. I am not concerned though because if you produce Content everyday and keep adding to your Steem Power you are way ahead of those that have not got here yet @dragosroua.........

hi dragosroua,
Found your post helpful. Just cam to know that Steem has its fixed Reward Pool and if less people are on the platform, higher the rewards will be for active members.
One question...might look long will Steem keep on rewarding like this..i mean there must be limited funds with Steemit...or it will continue like forever?
Also i have followed,commented and upvoted your post. Please do me a favour by doing the same and help me grow on steemit.

It will do so for the next 20 years, as the rewards are paid from inflation. Right now, STEEM has a 9.5% yearly inflation, which will go down 0.5% every year, until it reaches 1%, where it stabilizes. It's all in the white paper, if you're curious.

Steeming on!
well i want to ask is it the reward of a day or a whole week?

OH thank you sir for the info.

Ever since I joined the platform the rewards pool was somewhere between 730,000 and 745,000 STEEM and I am glad that it was filled recently, but I don't see any difference in my rewards even if I also noticed that interaction is very "cheap" lately and you wrote is mostly due to the price of Steem. At least is fun...for me.

It is the result of a much lower Steem publishing and interaction. The more steem price goes down, the fewer users use the platform and the rewards pool grows. Checking @penguinpablo stats report we can see the decline in the number of posts in the past two months

nice, let the steem come to us :)

The less there are fish in the sea the more food is there for the fish who are still there.

Yup you're right this is all-time high :D

Wait, I'm not following.... my vote value has gone way down, but in steem numbers it hasn't really? Not that it has affected my behavior, I just am still trying to pin down the math here...

Time to make time to make money ;-)

If only I had the time.....

a new journey is yet to be discovered fingers crossed