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Justin: I’ve invested 70 millions here and I want to be in control of this you are my shit 11 requirements, if you agree you will be in the list of witnesses I will put on the top 20 because I have the power... you can have your part of the leftovers!

Vote removed!

You rock @brittandjosie, I wouldn’t expect less from you dear friend.


I don't know if it's true but Justin bought his steem for only 350.000 dollars? 58.000.000 steem for... okok I think it isn't true... I just came from town hall meeting.

The details of the Steemit sale are not public but he did buy them OTC from Ned at a discount.

Yeah I thought he bought it for like 10 or 5 million or something like that but... If you buy it so cheap... There must be a catch to it right? Well I come with a statement also this weekend. Not that it matters😂😂🤣😉 well if you buy a bike for 25 euro in Holland don't buy it there is a catch to it in this case probably stolen. Not in the case of steem of course.

That is not public information Hans @hans001

Okok well I thought I saw it in the meeting public okok

That’s sweet I appreciate it very much @drakernoise

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