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RE: Steem Secrets #7 (Delivered By @zoeroces): To Really Shine On Steemit, You Will Need To Be Slow About "Conclusions".

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To really shine on steemit, you will need to understand "humans", involve some "history" and sift even the apparently not-so-good to find good in it; because overall, many things on steemit are subjective, because even in a community of reputable "humans", what you may not like; others may favor!

We need to understand the person behind the post, his/her reasons and actions on the platform reflects the quality of mind the individual possess, indeed we are all whales inside and to one another.
Let's help each other grow and celebrate each minnow as a whale.


Communicating to one another is very important. That way we'll understand each other and feel what they feel. ♥

Communication is imperative in understanding one another.

Yes indeed. We should not look onto one’s reputation number to have a standard when to interact with any body. To really shine is to get along with diverse people especially those who have same interests you have. And the history also tells what the future will become. For all of us to get successful in this platform, we should continue to engage and be consistent with our purpose here- to help humanity as a whole. :)

A large community of minnows can become a whale. We need each other to grow

"You are whales to me", its a way of saying i love you and I would want you to progress. Because evidently we are not whales at this point but with that " you are a whale" mindset, we would achieve success enjoying ourselves, with the knowledge that we are not in this alone

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