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Over-Coming Discouragement On Steemit

Discouragement is the act of losing interest in a thing or a pursuit. It is a process that depresses one's spirit, that extinguishes one's hope by creating total absence of enthusiasm.

If the afore-expression is anything near correctness, then it is a constant and a living factor on steemit. For past two weeks, my spirit was high. I was up and doing trying to post real content at least one everyday. Now, for past three days, I have not. I know I am not alone in this situation, and that is the reason i want to encourage myself and those in the same shoe with me.

There are so many reasons people get discouraged on this platform.

The reason for this article is to identify those reasons and proffer ways out of them. This article will ignite people's hope, by letting them know that they are not alone, that many other people experience what they do experience, and that they can overcome eventually.

I have desired to devote myself and time to ensuring that there is a peaceful co-existence between those who have and those who do not have. And that those who do not have can persevere, through long-suffering and patience mixed with hard work and get to the top. This I always believe, and it works.

Reasons one can get discouraged on steemit among others are:

Lack of a good device that can upload pictures and video: I have introduced some persons who I know are desirous to make ends meet, but lack the capacity in terms of right device.

Lack of writing skills: Many have bowed out because they felt they knew little. Writing skills is a talent as some people do it without stress or much effort. It is also a skill that can be developed with conscious effort. Writing ability is not the only thing that is needed to survive on this platform. I am sure of that.

Crazy earnings of the bourgeoisie: Some economic bigwigs on steemit can earn crazy amount in just a post. This contrasts with the earning of minnows which lies between $0.06 and 1.53 averagely. So some feel they have no need to waste their time since they cannot measure up.

These above-mentioned factors play major role in determining the population on steemit. The survival of steemit is dependent on the value of steem which in turn is a function of demand. More influx into steemit will definitely result to more demand of steem. Even though earnings may reduce at a point, suggesting difficulty level which we have in other cryptocurrencies, there will be sustainability in the form of slow and steady. Therefore, the need for publicity is pivotal to further the evolution of this platform.


Looking back to time and money spent on data on Facebook and other social platform without any return, one will appreciate steemit. In the light of this, $0.06 one makes here on daily basis will be celebrated.

Do not bother yourself over what others make. Just focus on yourself and be contented. Apply the Christian principle, "rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn".

Take pleasure in posting, reading other people's posts,upvoting them, resteeming if possible, and register your presence by commenting. Focus more on these than making dollars. The dollars will come when you least expect it.

Try and get a device that can do simple operations. You may not need a highly sophisticated device for a start. Like myself, I used an Android phone worth about $30 in doing what I am doing. Hoping to get a better device when I have made some money.
Write simple stories that may be based on personal experiences, other people's experiences, happenings around you, or fictions. It must not be so perfect. The beginning of everything is difficult, and practice, they say, makes perfect. Look up news or video clips everyone will like to read or watch, upload them with your own view, and make sure you reference the source.
With the above guide, you can experience a good time on steemit.
Stay put, never say die.




you are on point my man... ou really h the nail on the head... i truly am inspired by this... thanks for sharing a post worthy of my upvote!

Thank you sir.

welcome and always check my blog posts too and support

Good and simplified advisory! In my own terms; steemit is a place of expression of oneself as @ebohio2008 just listed out, we all have an area of interest, and in a community like steemit that has members running in hundreds of thousands, one must see a multitude of folks who shares from his/her interest. So go ahead and express yourself with what you're good at that gives you joy.

Good tagging is also important because non smokers may find it difficult to see 'no smoking sign' because it's none of their business. So it helps a lot to tag posts to meet the desired people who can value the post.

Thanks so much @ebohio2008 for steering people mind up especially those that are being discouraged.

Extensively contributed. Thank for the addition you made. It suffices.

I feel you steemit can be a bit difficult to the early begineers it can take a long time to maje something worth of importance but dont give up everything that is worth it takes time great post

Exactly! We must persevere until our change comes.

A wonderful piece. The Steemit platform is a place where one must be ready to undergo the process of growth which comes on the framework of moving slowly but steadily. I think another dimension of the reason for which some people easily get discouraged with steemit especially people from Nigeria, is because they enter the community with a ponzi mindset, having participated in the latter not quite long ago (the quick cash syndrome). My take is that every participant should concentrate his energy on sharpening his skill in writing original and quality posts. The bulk of the money to be made in the steemit community comes from other members via their upvotes and it is good posts that attract handsome votes. This is also notwithstanding the need for one to upvote, comment and resteem other people's posts.

You are right, sir

Ooh mai God i love this article..

I am glad you do

Well said sir!

Thank you sir.

Yah, commenting on other peoples post works. Good one from you. 👍👍👍

Yes my brother, you got the gist.

Here is the crux of this article..."...Take pleasure in posting, reading other people's posts,upvoting them, resteeming if possible, and register your presence by commenting. Focus more on these than making dollars. The dollars will come when you least expect it..." Thanks for sharing this article bro...I must also say that this article is undervalued. How I wish I was a whale and could just like @infovore @hendrikdegrote @destinysaid @sweetssj and the likes so I can give this a powerful upvote.

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