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RE: Steem Secrets #7 (Delivered By @zoeroces): To Really Shine On Steemit, You Will Need To Be Slow About "Conclusions".

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. Many investor whales have larger stake in the platform and isn't it only logical, from a human standpoint, that since they brought in such large investment, they would want to guard their investment and perhaps, gain some incentive from it?

Ofcourse it is very natural for us to guard our investments because we expect to make profits off our investments but as we do that, it is only right also that we think of others. Think of how we can also use our investments, at least part of it for humanity. This is what counts in the long run.


Absolutely, being unselfish will gain more friends around you and in times of needs, Im pretty sure, theyll be there for you :)

I hope this is not coming so late


Thank you for it. We suppose to celebrate valentines day, everyday. Spread the love ♥

Yes dear, @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle needs to be celebrated. They are just awesome


Please support @surpassinggoogle as witness by voting #steemgigs

The dead sea is known for not giving life to anything. Even in guarding our investments, we should remember Where we are coming from, how it has not been easy and with that, be able to show empathy to those who are less privileged than us.

Very well said.♥

It is always what this platform promotes. Whenever someone has reached success and become whale it will be the time for them to give back to the community who once helped them. Some people do it through hosting and organizing contests and even have free giveaways. I hope people who are reading this another @steemsecrets revelation will look back soon and initiate to help those who are yet to start their journey in this platform. :)

Humanity comes first in all things . well said. I have a friend who dedicates some upvotes to beggars at our school gate

Doing good things to others who needed help the most is really make us feel good amd God will bless us more. Tell him to keep it up ♥♥♥

Oh! That's to sweet of him. Ofcourse God is a rewarder of such people.

In the end we are all humans and it's just sometimes we should think about others but being a whale is not easy

As humans, its only natural that self interest comes to play but the act of selflessness is one we should all practice just like terry, a whale with a heart for minnows.

Very correct. Wise thoughts here ma'am. I couldn't agree any less.

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