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RE: Steem Secrets #10 (Delivered By @thereikiforest): On Steemit, There Are Bigger Things Than "Quality Of Content". Digest This & Your Posts Will Start Trending!

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If you are to compare at all, compare "value" but since you have no real measure of this "value"; keep in mind that there are bigger things than content and value;
Evolve in your very substance!

These words are weightier than gold and silver. Now most times, people on steemit, especially minnows tend to think that they have no worth simply because their posts are not found on the trending pages. Thank you for diffusing that notion out of us, now we know that where the real value lies is in us and not our posts.


So true with your words!! It’s never about the posts and the contents but the person behind it who is working hard to create quality blogs just to express oneself and share his or her own knowledge about something. We should appreciate the efforts of ths people who are showcasing their individualities and being able to show the world and the community who they really are. In this platform, we celebrate the ‘you’ and not just the post itself. :) thanks for the nice thoughts @steemsecrets delivered by @thereikiforest!! :)

In this platform, we celebrate the ‘you’ and not just the post itself. :)

I love that so much @levinvillas! Ultimate Truth right there <3333

Thank you for Being YOU BeautyFull Soul! :) Sending Bright Blessings & Reiki Hugs your way!

I get so much value from here. You comments are always sound.

Thank you so much @desmonddesk

I agree with @desmonddesk ~ your energy and insights are profoundly palpable & innerstandable @edith4angelseu :) Much love to you both!!! Thank you again for sharing.

I hope you both are having a wonder-full day & weekend <333

I concur with you brother ""where the real value lies is us and not the post""

Right on @bunmi1!! Reiki Hugs & Love BeautyFull!

I agree ~ during the journey thus far there have definitely been moments of self-doubt and self-consciousness that have crept in, so knowing (and having the Honor of) revealing this @steemsecret touches me deeply personally. I am so thankful that you also resonate with the message.

Thank you for Being YOU @edith4angelseu and for such great comments <333 Reiki Hugs!

Thanks for your complement ...

Bright Blessings Beautyfull @minaraju :) Thank you for Being You!

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