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RE: Steem Secrets #10 (Delivered By @thereikiforest): On Steemit, There Are Bigger Things Than "Quality Of Content". Digest This & Your Posts Will Start Trending!

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Basically, "large potential payouts" seen on posts aren't necessarily an exact reflection of just "its quality".
There may be other things apart from "quality" involved!

Yes you are very right. There are other factors which determine the value or Pay-out of a post aside from its quality,it could be a community support or very high SP amongst other things


I really agree with you on this. Have seen some post that are not that there. You know whai mean and they are trending. Community and followers also help. Then to be honest sometimes I sense this act of God-fatherism and motherism. Just saying......

Ohhhhhh Yessssss... the Fingerprint of Divinity/God is found everywhere in Steemit, IMHO :)

Thank you for pointing that out @optimistdehinde <333 Bright Blessings and Lots of Love BeautyFull!!

It’s not just about that but also how the posts affect the community and contribute to people. The real deal here is the impact being made of a certain post to the platform and what it can offer to the community :)

Absoulutely @levinvillas! Each of us, I tend to think & feel, have a special and unique 'key' or 'tone' to offer each other that helps uplift/connect us to 'the next stage' within. We all play a VERY IMPORTANT and PRICELESS role in Steemit & each others lives; our co-created world at large.

Steemit is a BeautyFull Symphony of our Souls Songs coming together and learning to play Harmoniously :)

Yesss <33 There is soooo very much going on 'behind the scene' that its best not to 'jump to any conclusion' or get distracted by 'amounts' but rather be inspired and motivated to share more of the "ISness" within <333

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