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RE: Back From the Dead!!!!

in #steemit4 years ago

I am so happy you ara back, I missed you. Not! As the phoenix rose from the ashes on Sola. How do you find Sola by the way? Are you enjoying it. I rather like the interface, can’t wait for the user base to get a little more massive but it is very international. Also the price of Sol is very low but that might change.

In all seriousness I really feel for what happened to you and I did miss your presence on Steemit albeit your commenting on Sola has been EVERYTHING! I know how much knowing this profile is secure means to you and that is really the big relief here. You are an awesome blogger, you care, you pay attention, you strive for more and you believe in yourself. You are someone I look up to and I hope we have many more adventures together on the blockchain.

Drink lots of water!


Thank you so much. Your support really meant/ means a lot to me. I was actually on sola since probably November but along with hack lost also access to original account so yes started a new profile and will stick with that one. Obviously, in recent times sola has really grown on me. 😉
Sola has improved since i started on it originally and i will continue on there. I think it will grow in time. :)
Its been around since 2015 though.... longer than steemit. And, not in beta :)

P.s. i think it is perfectly understandable that you had a panic attack, you have invested so much time and energy here! Great header!