A Modest Request To Steemit Team

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Steemit Team,
Kindly Attention, @steemcurator01

Sub : Prayer for permission of a power-down.

Dear Sir/Madam,

At the beginning I would like to thank everyone on the steemit team for supporting me from starting. From the beginning I have worked with sincerity and dedication. So far I haven't had any power down and I think that's the last time. But why..?

I need to buy a laptop to facilitate the works on steemit. Moreover, I am now a BBA fourth year student and all of our classes & incourse exams are being taken online in this epidemic. I'm also having trouble doing all of the presentation classes, PowerPoint tasks and assignments.

My father is a poor farmer. My father can't afford to buy me a laptop. I have saved & accumulated some money for a long time. But I need some more money for this. To run all my education related expenses depending on tuition. However, in this epidemic, I lost all my tuition. I now rely on steemit for all my education expenses. I really need a laptop to facilitate the works of steemit and education.

It will be possible to purchase a laptop if you allow me to power down 20%. Next I will power up steem & I will increase my SP. I would be grateful if you would allow me to do so.


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