If you simply abide by the rules of steemit, steemit will work for you

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Let us view steemit in this manner: an office building with different levels and each floor is filled with people who had to do the right thing or make the right moves to get there, we know these facts, why do we neglect them?

How do we see steemit as an open book

Steemit was designed as a decentralized system, meaning there are no rules to your creativity except maybe some illegal stuffs which are criminal offences.
The greatest lie we tell ourselves is that rising should be easy.

Rising in the rank of any organization us not an easy task, it involves being ready to give your all to "the cause" and after doing so, you have to wait, plan and execute steps that will take you to the next level. In a firm, you have to prove your worth to the partners before you are considered worthy enough to dine at the big boy's table.

The good news is that it is not technically so here. Of course you have to prove your onions, you do not need to sell your soul over here to do it. One advantage steemit has over facebook is that hardworking people are actually given a genuine chance to express their views on anything for a token.

To move to the next level, it is not solely about content, it is also about the personality generating the contents. An asshole (permit the language) could generate good content and not make a dime, the reason is not because the content was not good, it is simply because the person behind the screen might be a bad person.

To be successful, every author has to be accountable for his posts, meaning you should write on stuffs you probably have an idea about. The reason for this is because most people that are being viewed as lazy authors are actually just people who show great promise at writing but cannot seem to choose the right reason.

Use of right tags, courtesy etiquette and general attitude towards members of the society goes a long way in how far any individual will go.

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The blockchain always remembers

There is this popular saying that I will tweak a bit to emphasize my point "the sins of the father, shall be visited upon the children". Here is how my version sounds, "the sins of the past, might be remembered in the future."

Sometimes in the heat of our anger or desperation, we say or do things without thinking, things that might associate us with a negative tag. People make mistakes, but it is the Fly that refuses to listen that follows a dead body into the grave.'
Rules were made for a reason, and as sweet as it is to be the outspoken person, sometimes we need to be quiet, re-access our stand point, evaluate the real goal motivating us and ask how we influence our followers as leaders.

People usually complain, when at first they thrash talk a system which is still a work in progress because they feel it might not get any better than it is, when it eventually does get better, they either forget their previous statements or try to undo the done damage. The person might not even remember, but the blockchain will and so will those you hurt or stepped on their toes.

It is easier for people to remember how you made them feel than what you actually did.

Do you think you are a good representative of your values by acting badly online?

If we want to be treated properly both now and in the future, we should act well, respect others and not try to game the system.
Everyone here is usually given a fair chance upon registration because anonymity is the key. Only when we misbehave will we then incur the wrath of the guardians of the site (witnesses) and the whales.

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I use to tell steemians to first discover their direction, then apply speed. The path to discovery may be bumpy, but it's wise to read, read and read... To learn. Then and then only, apply speed. This will guarantee their success here on Steemit. Great advice @ehiboss

Be good all the time, be yourself , and be patience. Keep doing only that gives value to others and someday you will be rewarded. Thanks sir, you just reminded everyone about good manners and right conduct.

Keep doing only that gives value to others and someday you will be rewarded

This is the point

This should be the first thing users read when they start in steemit. People who associate this places with an easy-money system will suffer here...I personally took it for what it is, a social network, a really special one though. Thank you for sharing @ehiboss :)

P.S.: I love your firm at the end of the post, how did you do that?

The footer was from @son-of-satire, he did a give away sometime back. Thanks for sharing

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Great article @ehiboss and thank you for my upgoat :)

hehehe...they didn't have an upwhale so I had to settle for an upgoat instead...lol.

Great article @ehiboss


thank you for my upgoat

You are welcome

Say no more buddy... You've said all needed to say. Thanks for this.

You are welcome

Another great "need-to-know" piece by the Boss himself, @ehiboss!
Thanks for being there for us, with your advice, corrections and most precious upvotes! You are held in high 'esteem' and deeply appreciated!

You are welcome

Great article. You deserve a vote. Please check my blog.

Perhaps later

Boss i totally agree with you on this. You're damn right

Thank you for agreeing...lol

Good advice, thanks.

great post... im new here so im still learning things.... its great thing i came across your post...

Welcome, keep learning

true to form advice. in every organization, there are levels you have to go through. it is like a baby learning his /her first steps. just like you mentioned about the levels of a building.

The building is a constant reminder that it is a step by step process

Nice post! I learn so much in here cause I am a newbie. Thanks for the post and God bless! :)

We learn everyday, "learn to apply it"

Yes sir :)

Brilliant Article :)

valid points my friend, I try to interact as much as i can on my posts plus other people posts too, as i really do care what people post, what i find annoying is when people just copy and paste, or you get comments saying follow me please or give me an upvote, why should i?, not been funny i have had to earn my following and its only small but my readers know what to expect from me as they have chosen to follow me from there own acord from the posts i publish. great post my friend and thanks for posting :)

what i find annoying is when people just copy and paste

It screams of laziness on the part of the author

it does, i thought this platform was to make follows from the content we produce, not from what some one else has produced. i would never like to take money from people from some one else's work. and with steemit been a paid to post platform people take advantage of that.

Nice piece....
Thanks aplenty @ehiboss

You are welcome

Thanks so much for this. I learnt a lot. indeed its a wake up call for us all.

Thanks for learning, please remember to apply what you've learnt.

Some great advise again @ehiboss - your building must be a very high one already.


Thank so much for this teaching. Apart from the write-up there are other things to learn from it. Thanks again!

You are welcome

Nice post article :)
Please check my blog @adi.pisces
upvote and follow me please

You are welcome

I have noticed that steemit is a journey of a thousand miles, some people they were quick to make it why some are still taking their time, one step at a time, thanks for this advice , quite encouraging and gives hope to the hopeless.

Steemit is unlimited

Well said boss. I'm fully behind you.

You are the boss, I am behind you...lol

Thanks for the tips. I find this post to be useful as a beginner on steemit. Thanks for sharing with us.

You are welcome

Very informative and smart, thanks for sharing Boss ehi

You are welcome

Rules??? I don't do RULES. I only follow instructions. STEEMIT is my instruction and i must do as it says. I love this write-up

Is that a good or bad thing?

I will say it's good. But I must potray bad me

Thanks. I learnt.

go ye and apply it

How do we see steemit as an open book incredible steemit in the eyes of the world

How do we see steemit as an open book

By learning to accept everything as a gradual process and understanding to relate well with others.

Yes thank you for your comment to me let me be able to participate with all friend and better.

very nice say

Great read. I hope steem keeps charging and its user base keeps growing!

I'll sha keep keeping it real. I hope very soon more people will discover me and see that I have great stuffs for them.

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