Stop the self-stabbing, there is great content on Steemit!

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What is quality content?

I have been here for a while now that is 6 months to be precise. I have seen what has been going on here about the issue of quality content as against spam.

This has become so big an issue that we have somehow managed to carry it out to the public that this platform is full of garbage and low quality content.

I don't know exactly how this happened but I have realized that anytime they are talking about the platform in the public domain, this aspect pops up. They often ask about low quality content and so on and it only leaves me wondering, which social media platform can boast of quality organic content like we have here? But why don't they question the quality on the other platforms?

Well, I think we are stabbing our platform on the back by our unnecessary complains here and there.

What is a quality content in the first place? I think with regard to written, audio or video, as long us it is not plagiarized, quality really rests with the reader.

Back in basic school days, I wrote a story in our mock exam and our English tutor didn't like it very much, he was a little bitter and he claimed I had shocked him with how poor my content could be even though I was one of the guys he could count on. Well, in our finally exam, a similar question came and I submitted that same very story but this time under the pressure of time. When our finally results came I had an excellent score......

The same piece that I almost failed with gave me an excellent score in a superior examination.
The point I'm trying to make is that, you may talk of grammar, spelling or length, but fact is that quality still lies with the reader. We can hardly define quality as a standard.

I remember there was this article by @joeparys where someone commented about how he was being underpaid with great content whiles others were paid so much including @joeparys for lower quality content. When I saw the comment I decided to check him out only to see that he was more of a @dmania meme guy and hardly had anything I could call an article on his wall. I realized that this was what was costing us on this platform. Everyone thinks they have the quality but the rest.

Truth be told, there is great value on this platform. I have not seen a social media with quality like this before, I think the place that will come close is Medium but hey, I only got to know of Medium through this platform. People really take time to pour their hearts out here....

I think we should have a better way of presenting our displeasure about how the cake is shared on this platform rather our continuous complains about content.

Yes! I know there are serious spammers here as well but hey, where are there not?
It is not possible to out do spamming either on this platform or anywhere else so lets ignore the very few inconsistencies and concentrate on promoting what we think is presentable to the public. I think that was the entire idea, if you find it great you vote else you ignore or flag, what ever you want to do.........Let's not forget that this is a decentralized platform.

Quality is not in length, it not in design, it is not in any single aspect...I think quality is about expression, its about reaching out with once inner-self. If you do not have news to broadcast or tutorials to write about, you can reach out with what you are feeling....You can tell us about your home town or anything worthwhile just make sure it is coming from you.

You may think this is not a big issue but trust me it has put a lot of potential writers off. It takes time to master anything in this world....May be someone has just seen this platform decided he will have a go at writing by using this platform. He writes a few short articles with bad formatting and then he gets flagged....his reputation goes down and no one sees his articles, after a while he naturally backs off with the believe that this is not his thing. Meanwhile most of us started the same exact way....Sometimes I go to Facebook to check my history and see the kind of articles I use to write. I know am not a great writer today but I have come so far in comparison.

Lets allow people the freedom to express and learn. Most times some of the pictures we even use here are not copy righted, they are free to use yet someone may get flagged for not quoting a source......Come on!

This is a great platform and I think with my short time here I have gotten value than my entire social media experience put together. Content here have made me more confident and I have improved significantly as a person since joining this platform....I am now almost qualified as a full stark developer, from zero(Medic by profession) to learning HTML, CSS, JS to server-side languages such as PHP and Python all came about as a result of my interaction on this platform....

We have the right to brag so lets do it with our heads high....I watched our CEO @ned being interviewed on Bloomberg and I was so depressed to hear same question being asked about quality on this platform.....I mean come on, can you even compare quality here to Facebook or twitter? or is it because Mark Zurkerberg decided not to share the 40.7 billion US dollars of Facebook annual revenue with the content creators?

I think I have said enough, I love this platform, I love the people, I love the content and I think the content is tutorials here and there and a lot of insights from you guys. We are humans, we don't have to serious all the time so we can laugh with Dmani memes, watch pictures with steepshot listen to audio with D.sound and watch stuff on

Its your favorite @ehmkannde here, thanks for your time and I think you should pat yourself on the back for contributing to this platform..... Have a great day friend !


In a while, this is one of the best post I have seen. Just yesterday, same thought came to my mind that I had to ask the meaning of quality content cause I have seen post that practically means nothing to me getting rewards that means alot to me.
Quality content really has to do with the reader honestly. Thanks for posting this. I have upvoted though my reputation in the community is not as high for now but I believe with time, it will.

Thanks once again!

Thanks for your time bro and I do appreciate your sweet words....

I agree with your sentiment of looking at the positive angle of steemit content! However we interact here is already way more meaningful than however we do on traditional social media platforms. And what you said about why the traditional platforms aren't held to the same quality standard is interesting. It never really crossed my mind. I guess people assume that if you're actually earning money from it, your content must be high quality to justify it.

Ideally yes. But how many jobs are out there where people get paid an hourly wage, and then attend a meeting or trip with co-workers and just fuck around? It'd be an endless list.

I definitely think people should put their best foot forward when writing articles on here. But as long as people aren't collecting ridiculous rewards for bad shit, let them collect their few cents/bucks here or there!

Thanks for your insightfully deep review...that is the thing...

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This is great insight. There's some pros and cons to everything. I just wish the search engine on this site was more user friendly and more effective. Also, I feel that those autovoters or autofollowers are kind of ruining the site. No offense if you or anyone uses one. I tried them but found that I was randomly upvoting content just to get those votes back. It really ruins the concept of quality control and it allows for content that probably isn't original or of quality to be higher than others. Also, those people that post comments giving their opinion to everything, yet don't hit like for whatever reason. It's kind of rude. Maybe, it's just me.