Why newbie's can't make enough money? Is steemit not for non-investers?

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Hi Guys! Today, i'm going to share my views on a topic i'm observing from last month that "Is there any Chance for New Users to Rise and Get Success on Steemit with 0 Investment?"

Please take this (my View) in a postive way and if you have any thing to say or to clear my point. Please use comment section below, i would love to hear from you all.

Well, we all know that there are many bots working on Steemit where you can buy their votes by spending money. Obviously, people are selling their vote's to make some profit (Using their Steem Power) but the question is, Will the person who is buying the upvotes will make some profit after their whole value to be divided in 3 parts? {Curator, Author (further divided in 2 parts)}

This is for the investors who can afford to invest and bring their posts in trending by spending huge amount using these bots but what about the users who are struggling and don't have funds? Even they can't get delegated power as well because one of my friend asked few users to delegate Steem Power but he got reply with Refusal. Newbies can't make their post in trending with 0 investment because (Not all) many of steemit user upvote on high upvoted posts with good profit in last 30 - 60 minutes to get either Curator Reward or something else. I've seen many posts having 10+ Upvotes but the value on that posts are $0.04 etc because mostly they got upvotes from low steempower profiles. Please, these screenshots below.



So, if high authority profiles will not take a step to support newbies or poor's who will help them? You can also see the trending posts on steemit with high authority profiles (Mostly same profiles agian and again) with alot of investment. I know, people join steemit to earn money and they see this platform as a business but we need to consider newbie's as well.

What i want to say here?

* Please, Atleast do upvotes to new users posts twice a day.
* You can Resteem a post if you can't upvote.
* If you see a new user struggling with great content, please delegate a small portion of Steem Power on Weekly basis in low price (as compared to Market).

I hope, no one will take this post in a negative way. I just want to say, support new users to help them to grow.

You can see a boost in my post because i hardly managed to borrowed (with no interest) this money from my friend to spend on this post to bring this post infront of high authority profiles as well.


absolutely right dude hope people who hold enough sp should consider these points

Thank you so much sir.

Thank you for being brave enough to say this. I think you are very correct, but there is even more to it. I think we are also all being hurt at the moment because the price of Steem and SBD has dropped so dramatically. It is now less than $2 when less than 2 months ago, it was almost $16. (1/8) That of course means people have less available in their upvotes to be able to help others.

I think it is important for people to reach the SP level of at least $50 as soon as they can. Seeing that single $0.01 upvote seems to attract more people too upvote you.

I know it is hard for me because I do try to help newbies that are trying by writing good posts or comments. But with earnings so low, I can only help a few each day before I too have to try to get more upvotes and curration rewards. Like everyone else, unless I can grow my SP, I will never be much help to anyone.

As for delegating SP, that is only a good idea if you have plenty of SP. I am not sure exactly what level that would be because I have not reached it. But I know I did an experiment this past week and delegated steem power to three people willing to pay for it. I made a mistake in doing as much as I did because I dropped below the 500 SP. That drastically hurt my ability to help others and in turn, drastically decreased by own earnings.

But you are correct, we all need to help each other. If nothing else, use 2 or 3 of your upvotes each day to help someone else. Then you can use the remainder to help yourself. I try to do that every day and will try to help more and more as my SP goes up.

That is a key point also. You have to grow your SP. If you cash out all of your SBD and take it out of the system, you will never be able to help others and you will always be struggling. Those that are hurting for money, need to always use some of their SBD to increase SP if they are going to make more money in the future. It is hard to do when you are hurting for money, but that is the best was to grow.

For those that are very new, I suggest you spend more time commenting than upvoting. But make sure you make real comments that proves you actually read the post. I try to upvote every real comment with at least $0.01 (when my SP is at full power). But I will NOT upvote anyone who does noting but say "Wow, great post." or makes a comment that has nothing to do with my post. Seek out people and build real relationships with them. You'll make much more in the long run.

Thanks @fernowl13 for taking your precious time to write on this issue. Yeah, they have to take part in commenting on other posts with relevant comment instead of "Wow, great post.". I'm 100% agreed with your view and they have to increase their SP but for that, they need either investment or upvotes support from high SP account holders.

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Its very hard for us minnows. I have experimented with using bots. Although they dont seem to be profitable they do seem to give you more exposure early on which is good.

I think they are being abused by some people who, as you said will just throw large ammounts of money at them to get their content in the trending sections. I dont think this does anything good for Steemit as a whole in terms of quality content - people know they can just publish an article and pay for it to be seen in the trending section

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I love your post.. Am one of the victims i wish all this big boys have the same heart like yours steemit will have been so better off.. Nice post and well said.. Resteem asap..