How to make $1,000 a day on Steemit.

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This is part 2 of a (for now) two-part series on how to succeed​ on Steemit.

In this section, ​we look at upvoting bot ​and their effect on the Steemit economy. In the vide, ​ I discuss a strategy I intend on implementing that starts with a $10,000 investment​ in the Steemit platform in the form of 5k to SP and 5k to SD.

I will use the 5k in SD to pay for upvoting bots to promote my articles while at the same time attempting to achieve a consistent ROI. The experiment period is 30 days. I took a snapshot of my account today, and I'll do it again this time next month to see how much progress, if any, I've made.

Goodluck ladies & gentlemen


Hey @elpompador, I am the creator of the Steem Bot Tracker website and I just want to say that your video was great and absolutely spot on!

I did exactly what you are doing when I joined the platform almost 5 months ago and I can tell you from experience that it works. When I started it was hard to find the few bots that existed and even harder to figure out how to use them well.

That's why I made the website to make it easier for everyone to do what I did and what you're doing now.

You made a really important point in your video which I also try to explain to a lot of people - it's that you get much more from using the bots than a direct return on your investment from their vote, it's the increased visibility for your posts which leads to more followers and more organic votes that really drives the value.

Anyway, I'm glad you like the site, and I have no doubt that you'll be very successful on here since it's clear that you "get it". I also want to say thank you for your support via your witness vote! Feel free to reach out to me any time if you have any questions or suggestions or whatever.

I think a lot of people get confused by the "max profitable bid". It can be interpreted in two different ways. For example, if the max profitable bid is 20 and someone bids 5, I interpret that as the bid of 5 is locked in as profitable because it was under 20 at the time.

Later, when the bidding is almost over and the max profitable bid drops to 2, a lot of people seem to interpret that as the bid of 5 that was made earlier is no longer profitable when what it really means (I hope) is that NEW bids need to be under 2 but all the old bids are still profitable because they locked in their percentage of the upvote.

I see you changed it to "max suggested bid"
Coincidence? Maybe
Hotel? Trivago

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Great video as usual Vincent! I will be writing a post about some steemit tools I use regularly to check some useful stuff. Follow me so you don't miss it :) here is a great tool to check estimated incoming SBD and SP but also shows apprx. in dollars just enter your steeimit acount instead of @robi

Dude I gave you all this info for free. A thanks would be nice.

I wrote on his steemitpost about bottracker and he said thanks. Might have been others that also gave him information you never know.

On his ICX vid. Go and look. I'm getting the feeling this guys is a crook. He says he will follow back he doesn't. He lies more often that not.

I have a feeling that he may of come across this on his own as well. I pm'd him information as well, but that doesn't mean automatically that he wasn't aware of it already. Vincent seems very diligent about his studies.

well, as fat as I 'm aware, you cannot pm on Steemit. I was referring to Youtube in this case

Thanks Vincent,
Just stumbled upon you and decided at the last second to push play and watch your video. And I must say Iam very impressed !! Iam fairly new here and you explained the Bots very clearly. As far as joining the Vincent B group... how do we get involved or go about doing that ?? I am Following you now but is there anything else I need to do ? Iam a passionate Content Producer and Blogger for 10 years now. So I got that end covered. Just need to build relationships and make genuine connections with other Steemians who know what they are doing and want to have fun as well. Thanks again and look forward to being part of your Group.
Cheers, Robert

Thank you for this informative post, Really helpful and well written and awesome video @elpompador

Vincent only gets better. Driven, open, honest, cunning.... He's awesome check out his youtube

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i also got 5000 $ and i already invest it in steemit its really a good invest
i have to thank you for sharing this information with us
but i just wonder about the website you put for the up voters can you put it as well

Seems like alot of people are posting but not upvoting. I upvoted over 100 posts under vincentb so far. I will continue and i will resteem this post. for this to work i assume we need to upvote? therefore returning the favor to those who voted for you would be a good start. Also stop spamming the wall with "your own post" this wont help so be reasonable 1 or 2 posts a day is fine.

Totally agree - the problem with human nature!

agree, I up voted and followed billmega. We need to work together and do the work as a community to make this happen.

Very cool info. I am new to Steemit and I have been very confused why I am not making any money almost at all. I wrote an article that awarded me .31 cents and then later made a comment that made me $2.16. The article took me 2 days to write and the comment took me 2 mins. Still confused why 😂

Great post, wondering if we could make a community bot for everyone to upvote and increase its steem power, some potential there maybe? Also wanted to add onto the Zclassic fork for BTCP, after some research found BTCH a HUSH fork which supposedly has better tech but lower mcap and was wondering what your opinion was, and keep up these great articles!

You made some great points, I might just start investing! Keep making videos about steemit!

This great :) ok you do bots And i do the oldstyle , comments reply participate in debates post actively and lets see in two months ! I really have no way to invet , I do Btc faucets !

Oh just another thought how much do you get when we resteem you ? Might be an interesting stat !

I really don't think this content is helpful, or true. It's best to think of Steemit not as a money machine, and just enjoy how you spend your time here :)

Steemit is long term investment, but I think he should go along with his experience and ideas , steemit is also a free space to do that no ? I don’t feel steemit as judgemental on that , steemit is beyond that , and he is spreading his enthusiasm to others , and we are all really enjoying ourselves !

Yes you are right, he should follow his chosen path. Enthusiasm is a good trait to have.

Thank you

If you resteem me it doesn't actually give you any extra juice. You essentially​ share the post with your followers... so they canupvote​t/see the article. Like a share on FB.

Yeah but it gives you some stuff ? Do you think you could also my blog as an experiment ? Like if I use no bots , just doing the content thing , replies comments get followers by my contents

Interesting concept... if its good content then this is a great idea - Vincent @elpompador always has good content - and he is always thinking about ways to make money for the average person who needs it the most! kudos!

I will be trying this experiment too ... i enjoy photography so i will be sharing all my photography and hope to upload 1 picture a day ... free for anyone to use wherever they like... upvotes/donations appreciated

Hi, I made a post specifically on the BTCP fork. If you want to know more about it, go check it out :)

I love people who are practical. It's a test of character that I ll advise any steemite shld imbibe. I will try to see your video @elpompador. Cheers!!

Hey! Following this loving the idea and it could be a great project if one is able to make 1000 usd monthly writing content!

Gonna steem it up too with the advices you gave! Also please follow me back!

This is good news.
Motivate to participate actively.
Thanks for your information @elpompador.

Thanks for this, it's very helpful to see others starting out on the platform as investment.

Vinny you are such a dreamer! Just finished your video... I love your experiments and ability to build community. Hai capito?

Oh wow! Very informative post. Thanks

Oh wow! A very informative post. Thanks!!!

waoowww !! amazing sir .... great idea for our newbies steemit family <3 thanku for sharing "How to make $1,000 a day on Steemit ?
" ... keep in touch ... i wanna see more ideas like this in future

Wow great video, thx for the guide!
Can't wait for a part 3!

Thank you so much. My family and I really need to change my life this year. I believe Ethereum, but Steam in particular is the Future.

Looking forward to seeing your results Vincent. Good luck!

Love VincentB!! Follow me please..

great post! I have written a # of articles with little rewards, hopefully working as a group this will help everyone

Thanks for the info this may help newbies like me on this platform

Very interesting. If I had some cash I would invest, but don't really have much around. I'll be following the process and just do it slowly.

Thank you for this very awesome tips. I will apply it. Hope it works to me too. It would really cool.

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gotcha an upvote/plz upvote my post

glad to see you got some money invested on steemit now. glad to see you here.

Thanks for the information good work keep it up and u look like very cute in video 😊😊

i really like how you built a community! Thank you, keep going #vincentb

Nice content!saw you on convinced me to give it a try

I'm new to Steemit, so I was just curious how these bots really work.

Looking forward.

Greetings from a big fan.

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thought i would add this so people don't get in trouble upvoting and commenting on posts
saw this on another post

[-]steemcleaners (76) · 2 hours ago
Spamming comments is frowned upon by the community.

Comment spam is currently defined by @steemcleaners as:

10 or more generic comments per day that are not in response to a question posed by the post or comment. “Thanks”, “Great Post!”, “Great Photo!”, “Good”, “Like”, “Nice”, “Wow”, “Cute”, “Follow me”, etc.

Commenting on old posts to hide self up-votes or a voting trail.

Copy/Paste comments that serve no purpose or the purpose is self promotion (including copying and pasting similar comments in rotating way).

Comments that inform the contributor that they have been up upvoted, resteemed, or flagged when the curator does not actually upvote, resteem, or flag the post.

Fishing/farming votes by using multiple accounts to comment on posts by known comment curators.

Unsolicited and off topic referral links.

Continued comment spamming may result in action from the cheetah bot.

More Info: Abuse Guide - 2017.

This was very good information.. thank you for sharing.. so now I see Steemit has some limits to how you can run with this.. thanks!

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Now thinking an investment might be a good way to start out. Really interesting and simple video. Thanks for taking the time to share with us!

thx for keep posting this videos ... XD

I'm mining Zclassic right now because I think Bitcoin Private will appeal to a lot of people. It has the Bitcoin branding with the privacy aspect. I believe that Rhett and his team will follow through with their plan.

ive just starteded using your tag im hoping this all works out well for everyone

Great vid as usual mate and upvoted for you!!!! Feel free to check me out and upvote I'm trying to get an audience and bring some coin in too!!!! Would be unreal.

I'll be sure to follow all vincentb posts and upvote them :)

Love Henry

Upvoted. Send some love this way

Thank you @vincentb for sharing your STEEMIT journey with us. Its really kind of you to be very open and transparent about the steps you are taking. Unlike others who only boast about their success, I find that you share quite openly your successes and failures, learnings. And yes, I love the fact that ONCE YOU SET YOUR MIND, YOU ARE 100% into it to crack the goal -1000$ per day from STEEMIT. Thank you once again.

I really love your youtube channel... I think you can make it to 1000$ a day... but i dont think everybody can do it!

Thank you @elpompador for your awesome videos! Let's become Steemit millionaires together!

Been messing with these bots, and few of them appear to be postitive ROI. If I promote at .5, i get an upvote worth a dollar, or a few cents. Tried several.

Great share. I liked it.

Please follow back if you like my feed. Let's grow together.


Very nice video. The end was really motivating :)

i will look forward to working with the community

Interesting strategy. I look forward to following your progress and the results if your game plan. Best of luck!


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Scheduled to shared to my Steemit Facebook & Twitter Group on 15th Jan 2018. 👍

Really good video thanks bro, let´s make some moneeyyy

great article , keep the good work

That s very nice how you where dressed. Exactly how a man should look while talking about important stuff. That`s a presence !
Also, congratz for your plans and good luck ! Not everybody is brave enough to make what you made :)

I'm just starting out. I dont have 10k to invest but this is still a very informative post.

Please follow me @asifgoraya123
I am a crypto trader analyst and researcher.
get latest news about bitcoin altcoins realtime,
I am a noob steemian please help me to build some good audience to present my content i hope you will enjoy it.
See you all there.

I am in the game. I am gonna start to invest in too with everybody else. Lets build our own community here :)

You're a genius, Vincent. Thank you for the motivation!

sharing your experience will really help us as a new steemit users i appreciate that thank you and i wish you all the best


why hasn't the concept of actually making exciting content wining out over bots and gamification of the system ? your gonna mess it up for everyone

Excellent content, follow back, vincentb tag unite - upvoted you - united we stand, divided we fall - together to the top

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Love the transparency and honesty behind this video @elpompador. It's a great experiment. But, aside from that, explaining how you are willing to give first and why you are doing it. My hat off to you.

Very nice and informative post. To follow the rules some one can earn more. Thanks for sharing the idea.

This only really works for the trending posts! Not had a vote from any of the whales on about 10 posts!

Hey @elpompador I'm new in steemit. Please suggest me how I can make some money from steemit.

Good idea and great explanation

I used the vincentb tag and got nothing even though I upvoted around 10 posts from that tag.

Thanks for great initiative.
To bring back life in #steemit
I'll be using this #vincentb tag on my article

Hey Vincent. You do realize that you actually lost money on this post right ? Your payment to bots was 112.68 SBD (cca 490$) while your reward was 69.884 SBD, and 16.664 STEEM POWER (380$)

Not annoyed with your steemit videos at all Vinny, keep the, coming!

Thanks so much for putting this information out there VincentB. You rock

Thanks @elpompador very useful and worthy of emulationFB_IMG_1498994672645.jpg

This is the way to go. A brilliant idea to invest in steemit as it will upgrade your influence and your earning power, i bet you'll also get your ROI soon. I hope to follow in this line of action as soon as i raise the cash.