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RE: How to see your future curation rewards - and how see how profitable your vote was. - Was it worth voting?

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Thank you for the tips.

I never understand how this thing works, but with your explanation, I think it's better now.

What I was told was that if I vote for an author in less than 30 minutes, I will get good curation reward, but now I can see how it operates.
I'm still very new on steemit, 50sp was delegated to me around March, I could remember collecting 0.011 sp on one of my upvote which remains my highest until now, but I don't understand how it works because with the same sp, I have been receiving 0.001 or 0.002 sp even when I vote under 30 minutes... Hahhaahha

But, I can understand better now, I will definitely implement this methode.


To earn a lot you need only two voters on a blog and no more. You and a whale the latter to vote after you. Makes sense to vote blogs of people with few followers hoping a whale spots it.

...Now if you could just write a post on the guaranteed strategy of securing a whale, that would be immensely helpful...😂

Ask Haejin about that. He hooked ranchorelaxo. No idea how it was done though.

Or even better look for who the whales vote for regularly, and set up an auto vote one minute earlier.

You could use the bid bots for securing big upvotes after you voted.

Thank very much, you have already helped me with a clue already...

And you have a big boat from me for your excellent comment.

I mean a big vote. Damn this voice recognition.

Hahahha, thank you very much, probably I should use the vote reward to get a boat.... Smile
God bless you for your good heart.

Lol I was wondering where you buy a big boat for $4?!...

Lol, steemit is not crashing any time soon..

My record is 0.059 SP curation reward. This is basically only possible if you are the first or second upvoter and you should preferably upvote after 25+ minutes. I can assure you that is quite difficult to find such posts!

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