Steem Blockchain Spammers

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Road to help Steemit to have less spammers just started.

In my previous post , I announced that I would try finding spammers the Steemit platform using my own methods of research and make necessary reporting like this one. During some additional time of my daily routine, I have made research through the platform. Below I am sharing the results and calculations I have found out so far for today.

Steem 1.jpg
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The three accounts on this list (@dyfonixohju @fuhepegyup @funydafyas) are the accounts that share posts and are waiting for upvotes. Others are accounts that vote these posts shared by the accounts. Maybe more accounts will upvote after this time. After a few posts are posted, the accounts among themselves vote each other in return.

In the photo below its clearly seen that account gives upvote quickly also gets upvotes.
In this way, they do their work in a short time.


also this photo is from another account;


This three accounts also are making a content in a automatic way in a given time, like a bot;

I will keep guarding and posting same kind of content. I am tagging you to make your own search @steemcurator01.
See you on the next post.