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RE: Can We Change The UI to Display Rewards in USD?

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Yeah, this is an amazing time to be on and be able to post blog, vlog and so on and get 5X the rewards! This is insanely good!!!

The rise of cryptocurrencies, especially the ones relating to the Bitshares platform, Steem, EOS and Hero and the likes are slowly but surely getting the exposure they madly deserve.

Great article, as always, and want to thank you for your usual positive enthusiasm, the platform and everyone here gets to grow and gain from that.

Namaste :)


I think if we can make it really apparent that you can actually get 5x the amount advertised on the platform with a simple UI fix, many more users will flock to Steem, further increasing its value

I think there was once a chrome extension that shows the usd value of post and votes. I just forget the name, if im not mistaken, it was created by penguinpablo.

I think what should also be considered is the curation system on contents... because there are really newbies out there with bombastic contents and who voted for big whales as their witnesses, use hashtags like original-content, etc and yet they are not curated properly by the chosen witnesses and just get 0.10 SBD from other users.
To change the UI into USD might help..but when witnesses failed to curate great newbie contents then noobs will be reluctant to spend so much time to create posts.

Absolutely. The whole idea of marketing Steemit as a place to create your content is a sales pitch. If you're giving a value proposition in SBD it's okay provided people actually know what that represents, but they don't. Not if they're unfamiliar with the site. It certainly doesn't help that the amounts are represented by a dollar sign. If you're offering someone a value proposition, make your numbers look as good as possible while staying honest. I'm 100% with you.

wow. great information and well explained. superb writing. you giving price of steem and SBD But now values increased and now rate of Sbd is 7.73$ on coincapmarket.

I already tell everyone to don't sell SBD. Because its time to hold SBD and i also said that buy steem and SBD in my cryptonews post. That time rate of SBD was 5.59$.

steem is either decreasing or increasing graph. but value of steem will increase and now value of steem is 1.84 $ on coincapmarket.

LOL. SBD will go back to $1, sooner or later. I am selling every SBD which I am earning.

Only a moron would disagree with you.

This is a bounty

In fact a Nice incentive to buy a cryptokitty :D

Yep , got to get myself a cryptokitty. 🐱

Yeah, I think it will as well. This is a great time to get rid off any spare SBD in our wallets!

you are right about wrong numbers, but here is another question: if post show in sbd then why we receive 50% of it lets say 40 steem power and other amount 50 sbd ( from post of 100$ ) , because as i know in internal market steem now is like 1 sbd =5-7 steem, so we should receive from post 200 steem and 50 sbd this will be right, but somehow steempower is fixed on usd dollar ? any idea why its so?

The way I understand the situation, Steem and SBD are 2 different tokens tradeable in the crypto they have different values. Some months ago when I joined 1 SBD is almost equal to 1 Steem so that when you sell your SBD you know how much you will get in the terms of the exchange rate in the platform. Now, the market shows that steem´s value suffered a loss as SBD is up.

nice what you siad but could you help me how can be ? really it's nice dear

ys question is from post rewards we receive not the numbers of internal markets in terms of steem power. We should receive much more.

50% of the value shown is paid out in SBD and 50% in Steem.
For every dollar shown you receive one SBD, the Steem you receive is determined by the blockchain.

An example (curation rewards are not considered here: Your post is upvoted by someone with that much Steem Power, that you would get 1 Steem. 1 Steem is currently worth $1.92, so Steemit shows that your post is worth 1.92$.
After payout you get 50% in Steem, that means 0.5 Steem and 50% in SBD that means 0.96 SBD. It doesn't matter how much SBD is now worth in the markets.

ye before i thought that in your example 1 Steem is currently worth $1.92, i thought they show in SBD worth not in US dollar. And because sbd is always in system 1$ then its 1.92 sbd

It is shown in USD not SBD, right. That's why you receive so much SBD.

1SBD =5 USD to 7 USD. That does not mean it is equal to the same in steem. This is not how it works. These currencies are independent of each other. One is tied to USD whereas the other is not. For one SBD, you would get 3 steem if steem/USD =3

Help ful artical i always use 100%
Upvote earning
Thanks bro its great profitable stretigy

That would be great, but not quite sure how to get more engagemnt to a good contant that one creates :) ?

I am new here pls teach me how to tobe among the top earners too.