Hey RandoWhale! Your comment borders on fraud . . . .

in #steemit5 years ago

The comment that you are placing on every up-vote *still* points to your original post where you promise 1-50%.

You really, really, REALLY should change it to point to the newest post where the promise has dropped to 0.5%-2.5%

I also feel the need to point out to everyone (particularly redfish and minnows) that . . . . 

Originally, before HF19, this was a really great idea since the RandoWhale vote multiplied the value of other votes.

Now, not only is it just a straight linear award but, *frequently* it doesn't even bump a post $2.00 (and that doesn't even consider the facts that an SBD is worth more than a dollar or the 25% curator cut).

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My experience with randowhale is it's a fraud. Don't understand why it has not been flagged and closed. @pfunk in this article


claims we need to be promoting things good for the Steemit community. Anyone promoting a scam like randowhale is also a scammer.

When a newbie comes here and spends 3-4 hours writing a quality post to earn 2 sbd and then they spend another 3-4 hours on another post and take their 2 sbd and give to Randowhale and then get a 1% vote that earns 3 cents I fail to see how that helps anyone but randowhale. After feeling ripped off it is highly likely they will give up on Steemit.

I tried it once, I knew there was a 2% chance of getting 1% and that's what I got. Either I am completley unlucky or randowhale is fraudulent. I would lovd to see the numbers. If more than 2% of those that paid got 1% or less, its a ripoff.

Yes you give a few people a little profit from all the money you took from the losers to make it look legitimate.

To be fair, the original post says to check for updates before transferring. Though I agree with your point about the fact that the votes are now often worth less than 2 SBD.

I think this could be resolved by upping the percentage again, it should in my mind, be worth at least $16.


To be fair, the original post says "Please always check this post" (my emphasis on this post). I would have made the same mistake of forgetting that a post is not editable after 7 days -- but he needs to fix the comment so that it points to a more recent and CORRECT post, no?

True, it should perhaps repoint, and also recalibrate, you're right the amount is too low. I was enjoying being able to give a new minnow, between $10 and about $30. Now it seems too low, but I don't know the ins and outs, so I can't really comment.


I think that as a moderator it is very hard to flag and ban and other actions. They are expected to help people, but if they offend anyone particularly the famous ones, they can win themselves a lot of unnecessary work and trouble

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